2011 Acura RDX

prigglypriggly Member Posts: 642
Anyone know if the new 2011 RDX has had its ride improved? The previous one was far too firm and rigid and tiring on long trips?

Also, have the acceleration and mileage been improved?


  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    "..Have the acceleration and mileage bene improved..."

    Odd two part question...

    Mileage first....

    Not bloody likely. You can't have forced induction, turbocharging, without first derating/detuning the base engine specifications. The RDX engine could have a compression ratio as high as 12:1. But that must be lowered in order to accommodate intercooled boost pressures the 1-2% of the time you get serious about HP/torque.

    Then there is also the need to spin the turbo up quickly. The more of the power of combustion (waste...??) that goes into the exhaust manifold the quicker you will get BOOST thereby raising the CR, effective CR to something within reason.

    Otherwise the base/native CR of forced induction engines is often as low as 7-8:1. Pretty shabby FE considering this engine could have had a CR of 12:1.


    Convert the RDX's DFI engine to multi-mode, Otto-Atkinson-Miller cycle using Toyota's e/VVT-i technique, a variable speed SC using Toyota's CVT/PSD technique, and you get both STUNNING acceleration and STELLAR FE.

  • drr98drr98 Member Posts: 80
    ^^You are the target customer for the new 2nd gen RDX. Softer ride and better fuel econ.

    For those who demand more from their cuv in the performance catagory, who were happier with the first gen, and the turbo, and SH-AWD, thanks for...ruining the model with your wants and needs.

    I wish that they just took a CRV and luxed it up, added a name like PUX and sold you that instead, while leaving the RDX unchanged.
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