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Service Engine Soon Light

mlaniermlanier Member Posts: 23
My 2005 Pathfinder Se Off Road, is giving me a service engine light. Had it checked and was told that I had a carbine problem. So talk to a mech. and he suggested using a fuel system cleaner, I did this at my next fill up. It cleared the light but if I fill up in between treatments the light comes back on. The treatments should or should not be used every fill up? Is there anyone with any suggestions? Or should I just put it in the shop and let them deal with it? The Pathfinder has no problems running, but mpg`s are bad when light is on.
Thanks for any reply.


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    jstacey1jstacey1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Nissan pathfinder. The service engine light keeps going on repair after repair. I have had the Canister vent control valve replaced. The light went on again. Had it checked again and it came up with lean mixture bank one. This could be a simple vacuum leak or an upstream 02 sensor. Leak was not found. The mechanic then replaced the O2 sensor on the bank that had shown up in the code. The mechanic had put on his own little machine so that it would tell me that the computer had reset itself by ringing. This way he could put my sticker on. Instead the check engine light has gone on again. The machine says it it a PO171. Anyone with any suggestions???
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    nissanowner05nissanowner05 Member Posts: 1
    I own a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 XE. It has been jerking at speeds above 30 mph. Mechanics told me it is the U-Joint. I changed them and the jerk still occurs. Later the service engine soon light came on. I realized that the radiator coolant was mixing with the transmission oil. I now changed the radiator and changed the transmission oil. The jerk still occurs and the service engine soon is still on. The code relating to it is P1754. At times the transmission gears get stuck and don't change. When its been hot and running for some time this occurs. Mechanics now tell me I need a new transmission but I do not have money to buy a new transmission. Any suggestions? I called Nissan dealers and they deny to change the radiator and any problems relating to this, since "it isn't under warranty" they can't do anything except put a new transmission estimating $6,000.00 he told me. Any suggestions please?
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    santonio1santonio1 Member Posts: 18
    edited July 2011
    Yeah isn't it so much fun???? What do you want to hear? That there is a quick fix? I have been going around and around with Nissan...first having the ujoint and front friveshaft replaced when all along the tranny was bad...My Tranny has been on BACK ORDER for 8 weeks on thursday. I called Nissan1 and opened up ANOTHER claim because they closed the first claim after replacing the drive shaft/u Joint. This file i opened is to try to expedite the tranny coming from japan to my dealer. So now i am waiting for a answer from " the claims Specialist" to tell me if they can get it any sooner to the dealer...Luckily for ME, this all happened before it hit 80k and my radiator warranty is in effect, making the tranny covered also.
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    shaesmomshaesmom Member Posts: 1
    I have 2005 as well and have had exact same issues I am now trying to replace transmission but where all the 2005's are doing same thing transmission is on back order.. Good Luck is all I know to say Nissian refuses any help.. I am still debating a lawyer!!
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    ltheffronltheffron Member Posts: 1
    I guess I am too late with this response but maybe it will help someone else. I had the exact same problem and it was a coil that feeds the spark to the spark plug.
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