2.2L Chevy 4 Cyl Engine

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I would like to hear about anyone's experiences with this engine. This is a popular engine in the S-10 pickup as well as the Cavalier. What problems have you all had?


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    My son has a '97 Cavalier with 45000 miles. No problems with engine. He did call me a couple of weeks ago and indicated that he had an oil leak. It possibly was oil dripage after filter change. Otherwise the engine has good torque although at only 115 HP is no race horse. I believe the engine has a solid reputation and has been around for a while. Personally, I considered buying a Cavalier in part due to the reliability of the car/engine. My complaint is: the oil filter is in a horizontal position and my observations are that engines so equipped do not last as long due to drainback valve leaks and not getting that initial good shot of oil on startup. I understand that Pure-One oil filters have a good drainback valve.
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    wee my exp. w/the 2.2 was not so great,had a 96 beretta/corsica,w/that motor,got it w/50k,lets just say i replaced bout everything on it before getting rid of it, it was babbied by the prev.owner,this was my first car at 19.2 headgasket,1 radiator,2 fuel pumps,1 ps pump,3motu mounts,a few brake jobs, uh,leaking timing chain,leaking oil pump,pan,computer,
    i dont know if some of these problems were related to the particular make but,i had many eletrical quirks oh 2 alternators i 8 months, and a leeky steering shaft,and come to find out he had soe of these problems fixed already!in my experince a Generic motor to many problems,sold before i had tp replace alternator again,got a honda w/twice as many miles,10 times better my 2cents
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    I believe this is the same engine in my 91 Corsica. Is so, great four banger, easy to service, no major issues. Oil leak has been an issue for past four years, more like seepage around oil pan which is not easy to replace. Push rod design, loud as hell at start up but very quit when warm
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    Have had 250,000 miles of experience with this engine.Good engine.Own two right now,one car & the other truck.Wouldn,t have nothing else.
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    I have been having problems with the windshield wipers (fixed), heating core (fixed), pin size hole in head (fixed)...... and then the regular stuff... Anyway, I am not a mechanic at any means, but now my 1995 s-10, 2.2 liter, is overheating and has low oil pressure. Today I changed my oil & filter, thermostat, fuel filter, and air filter, but to my dismay after riding down the highway to see if my high temp and low pressure still are still present..... well, I was not happy at my results. My truck problems are still there. I talked to my dad over the phone and he said it sounds like the bearings are going. I don't know, so, is there anyone out there that has another idea? Oh yeah, I got 117,000 miles on it.
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    Pin hole in head means new head gasket? If so take out radiator an bring it to a radiator shop and have it flow checked.Over heating will cause low oil pressure.How hot is it getting.
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    My S-10 started to overheat several weeks ago,and I immediately had the thermostat replaced but problem persisted... I had to put fluid in radiator twice after the repair after just 25 miles of driving. The temp gauge never went to the red but would fluctuate just above the 210 mark... I took the car to the dealer for repair and was informed the head is cracked... GM is aware of the problem but will fix the gasket at no charge... But the heads are my 1200.00 problem...I disagree, anyone else out there with this same problem, and how did you fare with corporate america.
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    Happened to me too with my 96 2.2L. They paid for the gasket and all labour but not the cylinder head ~$700cdn. I had gotten rid of the car about 6 months before I was informed of the extra coverage (wanted no part of it after that!) for this problem but still got paid.
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    Any engine will crack an aluminum head if it is over heated,as soon as the coolant drops below the head it will crack,guaranteed.
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    alot of gms 4cyl have serious design flaws
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    nothing to do with the radiator, the gasket mating the engine together is where the gasket lays, and yes the 2.0 2.2 2.4 is notorious for the head failure,and has nothing to do with maintnance so dont feel bad its a design flaw. and it may be covered so check with Gm...
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    a cast iron head that's available for replacement or an ultra heavy duty gasket that will prevent this?I know that one was FINALLY installed in the Neon. Just wondering.
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    Like I said great engine the posts are already run out,no complaints.
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    in referance to the blown head gasket syndrom,I was told to let the engine warm up for
    a few minuets before flying down the road at 80 mph. The resone is that the head and block
    will expaned at differant rates. Thus putting a strain on the head gasket. I had a cavalier
    with the 2.0 L. and never had the head off in its 209,000 miles of trobel free driving
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    I have a 2000 cavalier with the 2.2 engine, has the problem with the head gaskets been fixed
    or will I have the same problem. I did have a 1986 cavalier with the 2.0 engine and never
    had the head off in its 209,000 miles. Thanks for any help on this
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    Sorry guys the 2.0 had a iron head and they never blow a gasket.The 2.2 has an alumium head and they do leak in time.The secret GM warranty is for 95 to 99 an they think the problem is solved on the 2000 an up of which I own one,I don't believe it.Time will tell,my 94 2.2 leaked at 80,000.I wonder how long the 00 will last.
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    Thanks joe, I will have a spare head gasket on hand...
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    One other thing joe , does the 2.2 have a timing belt or chain
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    CHAIN I would not own a motor that needed a rubber belt to make the valves go open & close.Also its interesting to note the 2.2 has roller lifters.
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    what kind of gas mileage are you pulling. I drive 116 miles to work and back. The
    best i have pulled was 34.5, this past mouth. My aveage is 33.0. My Cav. has 28,000 on her
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    My 00 cav 4 sp auto gets 37 mpg at 55 to 60 mph an 33 mpg at 70 mph. My 99 sonoma also 2.2 gets 29 mpg at 55 to 60 mph an 25 mpg at 70 mph and its also 4 sp auto.I get a laugh when i read the posts about poor mileage with big v8 trucks,poor milage is a no brainer.I got out of a 4x4 v8 truck that got 10 mpg,never again.
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