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Maintenance schedule ripoff?

bohoboho Posts: 5
edited October 2014 in Subaru
I have a 2009 Forester with 12,000 miles. I am old and drive it gently. I supposedly live in a "severe weather" region (Boulder CO) but that is false. Last winter here was milder than Pittsburgh and New York where I lived many years. Anyway, I brought in my car today for a 15-month maintenance. Instead of doing what the Subaru maintenance schedule lists they said I also had to change the transmission oil and have other things done for $210. I refused. They said I could void my warranty. This is a Subaru dealer. I think I am being ripped off. Would appreciate some advice.


  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 11,152
    I agree with your assessment. You can go by the manufacturer schedule and not void your warranty.

    If you do have a problem and followed the manufacturer recommended schedule, they'll have to prove that it was your neglect that caused the problem in order to deny coverage.

    Unless you were doing some frequent towing, off-roading, or something similar, there is no reason to change transmission fluid after only 15,000 miles. If you have an automatic, I would change the stock fluid at around 30,000.

    Depending on it's age, it may be worthwhile to flush brake fluid when you have another service done. Once every three years is a good schedule to maintain.
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  • bohoboho Posts: 5
    Thanks very much for your comments. When I hit 15K I will go to a service place that works on Subarus but is not affiliated with the company. I'm sure if I have the proof of work done my warranty will be fine. The car is so good that I'll probably reach the end of warranty without a major problem. Thyanks again
  • elpeezeeelpeezee Posts: 1
    The "Maintenance Advisor" at my Buick dealer tells me that I "need" an 30 K mile maintenance check with a price tag of $699. I find no mention of any type of 30 K mile scheduled maintenance in my owners manual. recommends a list of inspect items along with replacing the cabin air filter and a lube job. Will ignoring his "Suggestion" put my warranty at risk?
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    We have a 2003 Buick. In mid-2006 we had a 30,000-mile "maintenance check" inspection done by a large independent shop for $115. They found nothing to do.
    A year later during a "trip check" inspection, they recommended a change of coolant, trans fluid and brake fluid, which cost $400.
    I don't have our Buick printed maintenance schedule handy, but this site says there is almost nothing to actually be done at 30,000 miles:

    On the other hand, my 2008 Forester is coming to 30,000 miles and Subaru's scheduled service is quite extensive. The Subaru dealer will probably charge that $699 if I don't do what I can myself.
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