2003 Excursion does not start all the time

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It has 7.3L diesal in it. Over the last week or two it has not been starting all the time. It turns over but will not start. Some times I just wait a few minutes and others I need to wait up to a hour or two. While waiting I have been checking wires and connections and I have not seen anything wrong. Any help will be GREAT!!!!!


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    Ford Excursion Maintenance and Repair may be helpful.

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    While trying to diagnose a vehicle over the internet is never a good idea, I have one suggestion. A couple of years ago, Ford issued a recall on the 7.3L diesel engine to install a new cam position sensor or "CPS" (Ford calls it a "synchronizer"). When these go bad, the vehicle can display the symptoms you are describing. If you haven't had yours replaced under the recall, that is the first area I would check. You can tell if your CPS was replaced by its color. The original one is black, the replacement is light gray. The CPS is mounted into a hole in the engine block with one bolt at the front of the engine at approximately the 10 o'clock position. I will also have an electrical connection running to it. Your local Ford dealer will also have a record if your cam position sensor was changed, just call in and give them your vehicle VIN number and they will check OASIS, which is Ford's internal record of all dealer work that has been performed on your specific vehicle. Removing and installing a new cam sensor is totally free from Ford.
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