Can't open liftgate lock on 2004 Explorer

jadahadajadahada Member Posts: 2
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The backdoor liftgate lock on my 2004 Explorer will not disengage when I squeeze the handle.
I can hear the solenoid click , but the door remains locked and will not move.
The door is stuck in the closed position, so I can't remove large items that I have in the rear of the vehicle.
How can I get the door open, and what can I do to fix it and prevent this from recurring?


  • jadahadajadahada Member Posts: 2
    Found and exercised switch on back of door. Got door to lift and then lubricated lock mechanism. So far so good.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Hm, dirty contacts in the switch somewhere you think? If it flares up again you may want to try some electrical contact cleaner.
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