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Looks like some major improvements.

Inside Line

Hitting Japan in January, US sometime Spring 2011.

Can't wait to see for myself if it is as much more exciting as it is faster :D


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    0-100km/h in 3.046 seconds has been achieved.

    0-60mph should be slightly less than that, possibly even 2.95-2.99 seconds.
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    0-60 mph (sec.) 3.1
    0-60 with 1 foot of rollout (sec.) 2.9
    1/4-mile (sec. @ mph) 11.1 @ 124.1
    60-0 mph (ft.) 108
    Slalom, 6 x 100 ft. (mph) 74.7
    Skid pad, 200-ft. diameter (lateral g) 1.02
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    As per InsideLine:

    "What Works (pros):
    Fully engaging, insane power, ludicrous speed, (relatively) easy to drive

    What Needs Work (cons):
    Still a bit stiff for a daily driver.

    Bottom Line:
    Both insanely rapid and fully engaging, the 2012 GT-R again lives up to the hype. "
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    "A source close to the project tells Inside Line that the next Nissan GT-R has not yet been approved for production. Company CEO Carlos Ghosn, we're told, has not given the go-ahead to design and engineer the car. And he may never give it the green light.

    In other words, it's possible that the Nissan GT-R in its modern form is a one-hit wonder."

    Inside Line


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    Pros and cons to stopping GT-R development:

    Pros: those that exist will become collectors cars that will depreciate slowly if not appreciate.

    The Ford GT was a one-hit wonder for Ford, but that doesn't detract from how desirable it remains to be for many a fan.

    Cons: while it is true that most GT-R fans are too young to afford one... Nissan needs to give them a chance to get jobs.

    The upcoming generation of car buyers most likely associate more with a GT-R than any other sports car. To quit now would just be silly; they'd be "timing themselves out of their own niche market."

    I think we all knew the GT-R wasn't going to be the most popular on day 1, but that it would eventually be quite legendary again. Now that that's happened, Nissan should wait until today's college kids get jobs as IT product developers and project managers (which unfortunately requires an economic turnaround) then see how sales go.
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    The 2014 GT-R continues its yearly revision with a 2.7 second 0-60 and a 7:19.1 Nurburgring lap time in stock configuration.

    The big changes are approved for MY 2015, and I would imagine they'll keep it around at least until 2016 if they go through all that trouble to revise it.

    It's still 2012 :) so we definitely have 4 more years of GT-Rs.

    And considering they have not even come close to the development potential of this car, they can keep iterating it for years and stay on top of the supercar heap.
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    I just bought my GT-R, looked for 6 months. It was either new 2013/14 or trick 2009. I got a trick 2009, with an outstanding AMS build, upgraded parts, motor built, hand picked. To me it has already earned every penny I paid for it in less than a week. It runs on E-85, relatively inexpensive and renewable, made here, in the USA. I have a 9,800 ft mountain nearby, that it climbs like a demon, and hugs the curves... well I may puke before I can exceed 0.95 g in lateral acceleration. With 100 mm intakes and exhausts it is snarling music to my ears, and going through a tunnel invites one to light it up. It has the advanced Cobb access port with four tunes on my steering wheel, regular and 3 kill modes. I drive it, stiff suspension, even on comfort mode, bumps and all, in awe and pure enjoyment. Even if it were the ugliest thing on the planet, I would not care. It's not the ugliest thing on the planet and it gets stares and comments and people come over to take its picture and ask about it whenever I stop. It gets parked in front of restaurants and valet parking spaces right up front, because the valet guys know it's good advertising. On Saturday night, I cruise in the back of a little drifter pack of EVOs and Supras and just wait for the Lambo boys to show. I have nothing else to prove. Like a mongoose stalks a cobra, this GT-R hunts Lambos. It has a heritage of 0-60 in about 2.3 sec and 9.53 in the quarter mile. I haven't launched it... ?why? Next step... huge fuel pump upgrade, then we will retune and see how she flows. So, if you wonder if they will be legend, think again, they already are.....
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    Thanks for sharing!
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