Hyundai Tucson v Kia Rondo

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Compare the wagon to the SUV.


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    I have heard the Rondo has hard seats that aren't all that supportive.
    A quiet ride.
    Also a fairly soft and supple ride, handling rough roads Buick-like. (slight exaggeration) I have also heard by the same tester, that they said the Tucson was opposite of that, and had a notably harsh ride. I don't think they commented on interior noise.

    Would you or anyone reading agree with those claims on either car?
    Does the car have other weaknesses? Poor or slow heater, not cold enough A/C, poor headlight visibility? etc etc
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    this is probably not the right place for this discussion so the host can feel free to move it.

    most of the things you said about Rondo is true, the seats feel hard but supportive, i used to put a small cushion near lower back for long trips (over 10 hours) in my mini van, but never need that for my Rondo.

    i had the chance to drive my uncle's Tucson last summer, the ride is a bit harsh compare to my Rondo but it is, after all, an SUV. the noise was mostly coming from the engine (2.0L), i found it under power, almost reaching 3000rpm for normal acceleration. i think the new Tucson, which has the 2.4L, will be much better. didn't go on the freeway so can not compare wind noise, the Rondo, in this regard is exceptional, 1 summer i was driving along Oregon coast, it was quiet and i didn't even notice any wind gust but when i got off the car at Sea Lion's Cave, the wind blew my cap off.

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