Honda CR-V Door Lock Problem

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I posted my problem to an existing discussion but after several days it was clear that that one was dead. My drivers side door in my '04 won't work with the clicker. I've learned it is probably the solenoid type switch inside the door. What I need to know now is how to get the door panel off without a crowbar. Any help is very appreciated. Fixing to sell.


  • morocka78morocka78 Member Posts: 1
    I can't seem to lock the driver's side door on my 2002 CR-V. When I put in the key, it just won't turn. If I put the key in, take it out, put it back and and try to turn it, eventually it locks, but only after 10-15 tries. It's as if it has to be in the exact "right" spot in order to work. My key works fine in all of my other doors. I don't have a remote, and the driver door doesn't lock when I manually push it down, so I'm stuck. Can someone please advise me as to what may be wrong, and how I can go about getting it fixed without spending an arm and a leg at the dealership? Can a locksmith fix this sort of thing? Thanks!
  • jsosjsos Member Posts: 2
    Even I am getting the same issue as mentioned by morocka78.
    Let me know what can be done to fix this. Meantime if i find any luck i will update you guys.
  • mparismparis Member Posts: 6
    check your TSB ....on this car ....if there is one ...take to dealer...or call the tech center in drivers warranty book??? good luck :(
  • jsosjsos Member Posts: 2
    Thanks but I have bought this as used car and don't have any manual with it...
    Can you forward me the soft copy of the manual or the tech center numbers...
    That will be great help
  • mparismparis Member Posts: 6
    check Edmunds Used Cars ...for your particular car...... safety issues ...then check for Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins .....all can be dine from Edmunds
  • sjboatersjboater Member Posts: 1

    2009 Cr v rear passenger door lock loud grinding noise replaced in april and now passenger side front same issue Aug 2014. Drivers side front giving problems - any known issues with door actuators/locks?

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