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2010 Lancer Rally Red Issues

zerazera Member Posts: 3
edited October 2014 in Mitsubishi
2010 lancer sportback
less than 10,000 miles

Alright, so first off I love my lancer, but I've had the car about 6 months, and I've got all kinds of paint chips. All of which Mitsubishi claimed were caused by rocks, including a 2in. straight line. They supposedly took claims photos at the dealership, which I think is bull. After requesting copies of the photos, I was told that the photos were proprietary to my Mitsubishi claim file, and that they would not be released without a subpoena, to either myself or my insurance company.

Just wondering, I know alot of people have had issues with the black, just wondering about the rally red. Also, the chips that I have in the paint have no marking on the metal underneath to indicate that it was hit by the point of a rock.


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    enginiaenginia Member Posts: 1
    2011 Lancer Sportsback Rally Red Metallic

    I bought the car in April 2011. I had a car wash after a month. Then, I found the car's paint is very brittle. The fact is there was lots of scratches after the hand-wash guy wipe my car body with a towel. It seems that the tiny partcles (either dirt or muds0 cause the scratches. Intially, I blame the car wash car instead of the car's paint. When I insepcted the body of the car, I saw a paint chip on the hood. I come to the dealer, dealer says it is a so-called road hazards. They said highway condition in NJ is very bad. Two month later, I found at least 6 new paint chips on the hood (mileage 2500 mi) :mad: . We never drive our car on the gravel road. Something must be wrong with their paint quality. I had a Chevy SUV for 4 three years (mileage 20,000 mi). I only have one paint chip on the hood.

    I wonder how come the paint is that easily off. It seems that many lancer owners have the problem. Also wonderfing about other rally red cars owners. Do you have the same problewms
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