2009 4 cylinder automatic. Is it a 5 spd or 6 spd?

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I'm looking to buy a used 2009 Fusion 4 cylinder. Some listings show 5 speed automatics others show 6 speed automatics.
Was a 6 speed auto an option in 2009?
If so, how is the reliability of the 6 speed?
For that matter, how is reliability on the 5 speed autos?


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    According to: http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/sbs.htm
    the 4 cyl had a 5 speed auto and the 6 cyl had a 6 speed
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    I'm looking to buy a 2009 Fusion 4 cyl automatic. (I'm old, no more stick shifts).
    I test drove a few and can't help noticing how loud the 4 cyl engines sound. They have a bad growl noise. I'm going from a V6 Taurus to a Fusion and the Taurus engine was very quiet.
    Is there anything that can be done EASILY to deaden the 4 cyl engines sound in a Fusion?
    Where does the growl come from? Intake noise? Mufflers? or ???

    No there isn't anything wrong with any of the cars I drove. It is the factory noise on acceleration. Crusing along it is quiet. Accelerating, it isn't quiet.

    What have people done to make the engine noise quieter?

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