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2001 Buick PA/Electrical Burning Smell

mzlynnmzlynn Member Posts: 2
I have had my 2001 Buick Park Ave for about a year now. Everytime it rains, I get a really bad electrical smell in the car and the battery dies out on me and I have to get jumped however I can only get it jumped so many times before i have to get it fully charged and then it will last me a little while. I can't keep the car started now at all and the electrical burning smell seems to be getting worse to the point where we can tasted a metalic taste when the smell comes on..this can't be good!! The mechanic i brought it to can't find whats wrong with it and recommends i bring it to a tech electrical car guy however, i thought i would first ask people if they have had similar situations with this type of car..Anyone out there experienced the same issues with this car??


  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,146
    edited November 2010
    The battery is under the back seat. I assume the battery has been checked. The connections to ground at the floor pan also need to be checked along with the connections for other modules and a fuse box that is probably on the back floor. You might disconnect the battery and tighten all the bolts for the fuse box there and for the connections under the hood.
    The battery dying makes me suspect the connections there and at the alternator.

    Because it appears during rain, I'd leave the back seat out and try to use your nose to find the source when it's emitting that smell.

    Also, go through the car pushing on the floor carpet and see if any of the lower parts for feet are WET. Check the trunk. Do you have a sunroof? Their drains on some H-bodies are notorious for coming disconnected in front where they go down through the windshield pillars and through the floor to drain under the car. Two drains also go down the C-pillars at the rear and drain under the car. Water also can come in through the door from the windows because the plastic water barrier comes unglued (a tarry like glue) where the plastic is glued to metal and directs water into drain holes back to the drains at the bottom of the door.

    Also check the drains in the bottom of your door--I believe they're above rubber seals. Make sure they drain. You could have a module in a door that is being shorted by water.

    A third problem might be the blower motor and the blower control module inside the heater box inside the car. The high moisture might be causing a problem with detriorated brushes on the blower motor or the circuit board in the module. OR you might have a drip into the heater box from around the cowl area and the moisture there is affecting the motor or the blower control module circuit board.

    Does it give the smell if the blower motor is turned OFF--the whole AC unit is OFF...?

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  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,146
    I also have a question about the battery.

    Is it sealed? And it should have rubber tubes that snap over the vents on both ends and the rubber tube goes down through the floor to vent the gases from charging the battery properly.

    Since a previous owner had the car, they may not have used the proper battery. The gases from charging give a metallic, sauerkraut smell.

    You might have a battery problem where it's being charged by the alternator and you're smelling the gassing. Also alternator may not be operating properly.

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  • mzlynnmzlynn Member Posts: 2
    The interesting thing about what you said is that the burning smell always starts from the back seat and first and then makes it way to the front of the car. I think it definitely has something to do with what you said around the back seat. That makes sense.

    i will check into it. Thanks for the info!! :)
  • eyesofthundereyesofthunder Member Posts: 3
    My 2000 PAU (Battery is under the HOOD not back seat, LeSabre/Bonnie/Seville/SLS/STS are under back seat) has a problem with the power seat that I started getting intermittant seat operation and the circuit breaker under the backseat was super hot. I got under the driver's seat and put breaker in, I found a small whiff of smoke from the back of the driver's seat.

    I left the seat unplugged for safety. Check the power seat and the breaker. Be careful, the breaker will burn you if that is the problem.
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