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Jeep Wrangler Engine and Transmission Swaps

aschubertaschubert Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Jeep
Have a chance to buy another Wrangler drivetrain, 2001, 4.0, man. trans complete with wiring, external parts, whole package, basically. Have a 97 Wrangler with same motor and manual trans...any compatability issues known to anyone? Hoping it will work. Fellow wants 600 for the package and I can hear it run before it is removed. Won't roll, been wrecked so I won't know much about trans..

Thanks ahead for replies!


  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    As long as the '97 was a 4.0 you should be ok. Sounds like a good deal for $600.
    The '01 exhaust manifold is different so either get the first part of the exhaust including the cat, or use the one from your '97.
  • I'm in the process of finishing up a similar swap. I bought a donor 2000 TJ 4L, Auto and installed it in a 1993 YJ 4L, Auto. Your swap should be a piece of cake comparatively speaking. The motor and trans will drop right in place. That's the easy part.

    The 2001 has an electronic spark as opposed to a distributor system. You may have to swap the PCM for proper spark control but I don't know that for sure. That could lead to other issues. It depends on what things the newer PCM is looking for, O2 sensors, and SKIM come to mind. Good Luck
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