5th Gen Camaro: New 2011 Camaro paint issue

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Hi everyone,
As some of you know, I recently purchased a new 2011 Rally Yellow Camaro 1SS here in the San Francisco, California area.

Well, I was getting really excited to own this car when I discovered a paint issue on this car.

Apparently, many owners of the 2010 and 2011 Camaros with 'factory rear spoilers' have began to notice and report 'paint chips' created on the trunk of the car, where the spoiler meets the trunk.

All this information is being reported in the Chevrolet Camaro Forums

It seems that these spoilers were not installed properly (too tight) and it's making contact with the trunk, when it shouldn't. When this happens, it causes the paint to crack and chip/peel off.

Many have brought up this issue and some dealers are very helpful and are trying to take care of it. Of course, you also have those dealers that don't want to help their customers because 'they have never heard of it' and because there is no TSB out on this issue.

Well, I am going to take it in to my dealer tomorrow, Saturday, and hope that they are helpful. (Note: They weren't very helpful when I used to take my 2008 Saturn Outlook XR for warranty repairs).

Christina (GM customer service), I hope you read this thread and help us. I can provide you with more information if needed. In fact, I have already sent you an email. You can PM me or send me an email.




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    So I went to the dealer on Saturday morning and showed them my issue.

    The service rep told me he knew/knows about this problem and told me he will take care it. He tried to set up a appointment for Tuesday Nov 23 because he said he would have a rental car for me while they fix the problem.

    Because of Thanksgiving holiday, asked if we could reschedule it for the following Tuesday and he said no problem.

    So, I will be taking it in next Tuesday morning.


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    Keep us posted, Bruce!

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    I finally got my car back. The dealer was was very helpful. They took my car in on Tues Nov 30, gave me an Aveo as a rental, and told me I should expect my car by Friday Dec 3. The service consultant was very helpful and said they would take care of it. He called me and said that they were going to repaint the entire trunk lid, which is what I wanted.

    I asked them to make sure that they use the 'new' washers that GM was sending to other dealers (per camaro forums). He assured me that they were going to take care of the spoiler spacing problem.

    I got a call on Thurs night and was told that they had to order new black stripes and that my car wouldn't be ready until Tue Dec 7 (today).

    So today I went to pick it up during lunch time (12:00 noon). I inspected the car (trunk and spoiler) and it looked good. The paint job looked good. No scratches, bubbles or 'swirls' on my trunk. So far, everything looks good.

    Here is the Document GM sent out regarding this problem:
    GM Document Number: 2549392.

    I would attach it here, but can NOT. I can email it to who ever needs it.


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