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I have a 2001 ford Windstar with 178,000 miles, the van ran great no problems. Well about 2 weeks ago it developed a problem with slamming while shifting. When you put it into drive it will slam in to gear, (feels like the motor is jerking the van, just jerks forward). the other issue is when driving when this first happened if you were in 4th and around 40 to 60 and accelerated but not enough to down shift she would jerk and lunge (you have to force it to down shift). Now she jerks and what not when she down shifts and some times up shifting, it feels like the motor is shaking.
Not completely sure what it is but I think it is the rear motor mount, going to replace it to day, just wanted to know if you had any ideas. Well thanks for your time


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    Well I replaced the motor mount it was a hydraulic mount, the top was cracked and the fluid leaked out, I replaced it with a solid mount. While I was there I looked at the CV axle and the joints are fine but I can wiggle the axle and it moves around at the trans hub. I drove it and I still have the same problem. Slamming and lunging when the gears change The trans fluid is semi fresh (about 40,000 miles) and full.
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    '02 Windstar failed rear axle recall. Had no noticeable problems but it could have broken at one time down the road, so Ford did the right thing and kept car. Unfortunately, they don't have a stockpile of rear axles to fix the cars. So we wait for months until they get new axles in. The percentage of failures is pretty low, like 1-2% from what I gather from the dealership that inspected mine. They had about 6-8 vans that had failed in 500-600 inspections. Speed control sensor was another recall, but there was no issue with that on our vehicle.
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    Hey i have the same dam problem..i changed both motor mounts and its still doing the system, my mechanic called me yesterday & another customer has the same issue, he says that the transmission needs to come out and check a spring that usually when the spring needs to be changed the slamming /kicking that the van does is a result of the spring or the transmission may need to be rebuilt. I'm check this spring issue on Saturday, i will advise on the seems that ford winstar vans are known to have this issue. Best of luck
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    I have a '99 Windstar that I took into a dealer to have the required recalls done. They had my van for 4 months! My subframe dropped breaking my front axle. The subframe is really rotted out. Instead of Ford doing a buy back like they have done for others, Ford replaced my front and back axles as well as install a support kit for the subframe instead of replacing the subframe. Ford also replaced the speed control switch and one of the trans mounts due to the subframe dropping. When I went to pick up the van from the dealer the service guys told me that I needed brakes, rotors, and a set of tires. They would be happy to do it for $600. I had my mechanic do the brakes and rotors and went to a tire shop to have the tires replaced instead. The service guy also informed me that either the front motor mount or the other trans mount needed to be replaced as well because my van was jerking when it would be put into gear. My mechanic found that te front motor mount needed to be replaced and did so. Within 1 week of it being replaced it broke again. He was shocked but replaced it again. Within 2 weeks of the 2nd mount being replaced it broke again, causing the engine to rise so high it hit the cowl putting a hole in the top of the motor cover, the exhaust pipe fell off and the radiator busted. I'm stating all this to ask has anyone else had any problems with their Windstars after Ford did any required recall work? Anyone have any motor mount problems where the mount had to be replaced more than once? This is starting to cost me some serious headaches and money. Being a single mother of 3, I can't afford this. Does anyone think I might have a claim against Ford? I didn't have any of these issues UNTIL Ford did the recall work.
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    The problem is the SOLID motor mounts. Ford,...and many other mfg's,...use a hydraulic motor mount because it flexes. You will notice that many of the front wheel drive exhaust systems also have a flex hose in them,...that if replaced with a solid pipe will break after a short period of time. The solid mount does not flex and is why things started breaking. The motor mounts must be hydraulic,...and the exhaust must have a flex pipe in it near the front. It is cheaper in the long run to go with the right parts rather than do this over and over.
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