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Chevrolet Impala Maintenance and Repair

i have a 06 chevy impala LT and my first problem is the check engine light would blink off and on then stay on then its start blinking again. Second Problem is an electrical prob every tyme i stepped on tha pedal the lights flicker.Third problem is the engine shakes when i come to a stop but not when im driving. And last problem is everytyme i go to make a right turn or goin in a loop the gas needle starts to drop then when i get bak on a straight away it goes back up. If anybody can tell me how to fix these problems or wut it is i would really appreciate it thank u


  • My 2004 chevy impala first started with the heat and the a/c would not shut off when i turn the car off. I had to remove the fuse from up under the hood. Second problem was my hazard lights would start flashing on and off at anytime of the night and would run my battery down. Third the radio stopped playing, The stations will show up but no sound. I changed the fuse and it still does not work. My signal light on the passenger side blinks fast in the back and nothing in the front while the driver's side works normal. What can cause all these things not to work.
  • A whole lot of Ghosting problems with the Impala are due to a faulty ignition. That would be my first step My step daughters car would have ghosting and then just shut off and not restart right away even on the hiway I had the Dealership change ignition without further problems.
  • blonssblonss Posts: 1
    Question: Does my'04 Impala 3.8L Supercharged engine have a timing belt or a timing chain? I now have 57K miles on my Indy Limited Edition SS and if it's belt, I should think about replacing it before it gets to 60K, right?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Your vehicle should have a timing chain rather than a belt.


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  • I have a 2000 Chevy Impala that has an overheating problem. I have replaced the radiator fan assembly, the radiator was cracked so I had to replace that, and I also replaced the coolant sensor. My car is still loosing coolant. When coolant is in the system, the heat gauge will go a little past the halfway mark and then go back down. It fluctuates like this unless there is no coolant in the system, or unless I am going at a high speed (60-70 mph), then it will simply overheat. Two people have told me that it is the head gasket, however it shows no visible signs of being the head gasket. No white smoke coming from the tail pipe, no milky substance in the oil, etc. Two other people suggested that it is a pinhole. I am trying to avoid paying $1500-2000 for a head gasket if that is not the problem. Any suggestions/ideas???
  • Mu '05 lights will flicker some,not bad but i have heard it's an alternator issue or a wiring issue with the alternator,that's what i heard.I think there is a TSB on that.(technical service bulletin),search for your car and it's year online with T.S.B. and see what you find.
    Gas needle moving could be a loose fuel pump float or bad fuel sensor in the tank.I have a sloshing noise in my tank and i know it's more of a poorly designed gas tank baffle system,it doesn't bother me to much.
    If you have age and alot of miles on it you may wish to just change the fuel pump out and make sure you get one with a float on it.i've seen some that don't have it on them and those are the real cheap rebuilt ones.Me...i'd get a new one and be done with it for years to come.
    Check engine light has stored a code in the computer,have someone scan it for the error cose(s) to see what's going bad or is bad before it get's worse.Many shops will do a scan for free if they get the repair.
    Best of luck to ya.
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