Nissan Murano DIY engine work

nails2nails2 Member Posts: 3
Our 2004 Murano has developed an overheating issue, and we've checked all the easy stuff. It's time to pull the heads.
The manual calls for dropping the tranaxle/suspension. But I bet I can pull the heads from the top. Can anyone advise?
Actually, I think I could get the block out from the top, too -- if the heads are off anyway. (Kinda need rear main seal, too.)
I want to do this from the top because I don't have a very good workspace. Any words from the wise?


  • newowner10newowner10 Member Posts: 227
    How did you determine it is the heads? Are you thinking the passages are blocked?
  • nails2nails2 Member Posts: 3
    Well, I'm taking the heads off to find out whether there's a crack or it's the gasket. As mentioned, we've ruled out the easy stuff. (I'm a little concerned about not being able to "interpret" the gasket.)
    I haven't had much time to fuss with it, but I am down to the camshafts. Looks like it'll come out the top after all. My biggest concern was the timing case cover, but it cleared. This wench is a [non-permissible content removed] to wrench.
    When the heads are off, I'll pull the block. Leaking rear main. Financial circumstances might allow rings/bearings after all. Even though the CVT is on borrowed time (as if any weren't).
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