2011+ Honda Odyssey Real World MPG

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Not intending to double post but it is difficult to follow the existing Real MPG thread with now so many year models (even if the engine, VCM feature and transmission are similar in some cases).

2011 Honda Odyssey (EX-L):
First tank: 16.8 MPG (US). 80-90% city driving (hilly)

Hoping that VCM + highway driving makes a big difference nonetheless :-)


  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Member Posts: 525
    Anyone? :)
  • robr2robr2 Member Posts: 8,805
    Hondas are notorious for taking about 10K miles to reach peak MPG. Give it some time.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Member Posts: 525
    Thanks. As a matter of fact I'm on my 2nd tank now and the avg trip calculator thing has jumped to 18.x MPG from the first tank avg reading so far (same driving). Of course is too early to claim anything but reading better numbers is always encouraging
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    I am getting 22 in town. I live in a little community in the foothills of the NC Smokey Mnts. Fairly hilly and curvy. We recently got 28.7 on a trip to the Outer Banks. Mine is a Touring Elite with the 6-speed transmission.
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    I've only done a few tanks so far on my EXL, but almost 26 on the HWY over 1000 mile trip, but that's driving around 75-80 and over some fairly hilly terrain. Around town getting just under 17 but I only drive 1 or 2 miles before shutting it down frequently and the weather has been in the 30's lately. I think I'm on my 5th tank at a little over 2K miles.

    One surprise :surprise: is the low fuel light doesn't come on until the last 1-2 gallons. My first tank took just over 20 gallons. Very happy with the vehicle overall. I wish they'd invest in direct injection like Toyota and put the 6sp in all models. A diesel or hybrid would be a good idea as well.
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    Thanks, that sounds like it. Knowing that I had a highway trip coming I reset one of the trip meters and also went up to 27.1 MPG at 65-70mph . Relatively short trip but once again, very encouraging :)
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    Hello - Mach3, a first-of-its-kind fuel re-formulator, is tested and proven by Independent EPA & CARB Certified Laboratories, Eco-Fuel Saver extends mileage by 13% in gasoline and 16% in diesel fuel, with many consumers reporting even greater mileage gains.

    Even more impressive, is Mach3 dramatically reduces toxic emissions - directly in the combustion chamber. It is proven to decrease; NOx (the primary emission that creates smog) by more than half; DPM (diesel particulate matter) by a staggering 60% to 90%; CO2 per quantity of fuel burned, as well as, reductions of other toxic engine emissions.

    Mach3 works by restructuring the long hydrocarbon molecular chains common to all fossil fuels into shorter, more easily burned molecular chains. This restructuring enables more hydrocarbon molecules to combust, at a slower and cooler rate of burn, thereby utilizing more of the energy stored in the fuel. That's one reason all vehicles have catalytic converters! To oxidize (burn) up the leftover fuel molecules. Mach3 causes a more complete burn.

    I do not sell this product; I am writing to tell everyone that it really works. If you drive alot of highway miles, you will see a noticable increase in fuel economy. Add 1oz per 15 gallons, gas or diesel.

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    i have 560 miles and im getting 15.5 city driving short trips 3 miles max

    i did put around 150 highway miles on that so i think im not doing to good.....
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    I have around 10K on my 2011 and I get in the mid teens fairly often since I do lots of short trips. I see mid 20's on the highway but I typically go around 75-80 mph.

    I got better mileage when I first got the vehicle but that was due to a lighter foot on the gas.
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    I have about 1800 miles on my 2012 EX-L. I get about 16-18 MPG in city stop and go driving. On the highway, if I drive at 75-80 MPH, I get 24 MPG. If I drive at 65-70 MPH, I get 25 MPG. I never drive in the sweet spot of 55-60MPH due to the speed limits here in Houston.
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