2000 Exp xlt 5.4l 4wd new kind of problem

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I have a 2000 exp 5.4l 4wd with 180k. No worries, just routine stuff. Today I start engine, it whined more than usual then jerked when I put into drive. When I pulled out of driveway, steering was very tight, almost like it was in 4L. I noticed 4x4 light was flashing but 4wd know was in normal position. Then i noticed my speedometer was jumping up to 40-50 mph when I was actually doing 5-10mph. I stopped and put it in reverse, speedometer said I was doing 20-30 (in reverse?). This is a new one on me. My assumption is transmission is done, anhy other thoughts out there? Thanks for the help.


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    I recommend posting your question in the Ford Expedition 4WD Problems discussion.

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    I wouldn't go so far as to say done, it could be as easy as a sensor. If it was fine and then suddenly a mess with the next key turn I'd lean more towards something like that. Catastophic tranny failures don't just happen, electronics on the other hand can just give it up at any point.
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