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My son has a 2000 Saturn SL2. The service engine soon light came on, the speedometer quit working & the car jumped when putting it in drive. When driving it shifted hard. I took it to a mechanic & was told the speed sensor had gone out. I had it replaced & less than 2 weeks later it happened again. I took it back & they reset it & said a bunch of transmission codes popped up but they weren't sure what was wrong. Well, 2 days after resetting it, the check engine light is back on & it's driving weird as my son says...he said the speedometer is still working & it didn't jump when shifting into drive but it just didn't feel right. He wasn't able to describe the problem other than it feels like the transmission isn't right. I drove it last night & all was fine. What sort of transmission problem causes this & is there something that can be repaired to hopefully avoid having to replace the transmission?


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    I may have a solution to your issue, is the car still having the same problems ?
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    Hello - my car is having these exact same problems with the tranny...OBD code P0741 on a 2000 Saturn SL2, 106K miles.
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    Did you ever figure out the problem if not let me know and i will help you out with it.
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    I have a 2000 saturn that starts when I try it first thing in the morning, but after that I have to put the gas pedal to the floor to start it and it sounds rough until it stays running I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs and spark plug wires, but it still is not working good. There are no codes showing up either. Any suggestions???
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    could be bad gas put in a little high test about one half tank and injector cleaner my car will not start unless i tap gas in hot weather most of time--also turk key on-wait till hear click then start :lemon:
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    Sounds like you have a bad coolant temp sensor really common on those cars.Also inspect the connector going to it if the terminals are blue or green you need to replace the connector because its corroded.
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    Keep me posted on what you find.
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    i have a 2000 sl2 dohc saturn for about a month now. 150,000 miles. automatic. here is the problem. when we first bought the car it ran great. 2 weeks later, it started smoking out of the tail pipe really bad. took it to garage, said my catalyic converter was bad due to oil leakage. well figured out it was leaking oil down into where you put the spark plugs. well bought a new gasket seal kit, fixed that, new spark plugs and wires. there was enough oil in my spark plug holes to fill prob a quart n a half of oil though. well that got fixed. 2 days later i was driving and next thing i know it rev's up to 3500 rpms and wouldnt go down. found out i had a hole in my intake manifold. fixed that. NOW.... here is the new problem. the car starts great. runs great while its idleing. no engine noise or anything like that. Now... when you put the car in gear and start driving... you can go about a mile or so and it runs great.... once the car starts heating up... it starts jerking, shaking and the transmission will not shift gears. its like it goes into limp mode. but it only does it when the car is in gear and starts heating up. we were told it could be a bad coil pack... changed both of those and its still doing it... anyone have any insight????
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    I have never seen a bad coil cause the transmission to no shift.So when this happens does it feel like the transmission is taking off in second gear and never shifts from that gear?Also have you checked for codes in the computer?
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    after you get in it and put it in drive... you can go a mile to a mile n a half and it shifts fine... but as soon as the temp gauge starts going up... thats when the car starts shaking and sputtering. there is NO service engine light on... so it is not shooting any codes. thats the weird part. when it starts happening the car feels like its going into first gear and will go about 20 to 25 mph but wont go any faster and the transmission wont shift into any other gear. i hope this helps..... we thought it may be a transmission sensor.. but they say those will shoot a service engine code????? and mine is not
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    Please check for codes anyways even though the light isnt on.Also i would have a back pressure test done on the exhaust when its acting up.You could very well have a plugged cat.
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    It sounds to me like your injectors are leaking Drymmy.
    When you press the gas pedal all the way to the floor you shut down the injectors giving the motor a chance to clear itself out of excess fuel and then the vehicle starts.
    In the am the car needs a little more fuel for a cold start but when its warm it needs a lot less fuel.
    Check with Saturn or Chevy to see if there is a Tech service bulletin on that specific problem
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