forester window leaks

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2004 forester xs . It sounds like your sitting in a wind tunnel while on the highway with the windows up- Both sides

Is this common or just mine. I've had it 2 months....

Is it as simple as changing the rubber gasket in the door?


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    You can actually adjust the angle of the glass. One of the guys who owned an Outback told us all about it (2000 or so Outback, but also frameless doors).
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    My 2008 Forester is silent at high speed because I am the only driver and occupant, and I never push on the unframed glass windows to open or close the doors.

    Older Foresters develop wind noise because the glass windows have been pushed back and forth, distorting the tracks and gussets that hold them tight against the rubber seals. Noise can be reduced by pinching the gussets back and adding tubing inside the rubber seals.

    Mirror Wind Noise
    Gussett change TSB (Tech Svc Bulletin)

    That replaces loose gussets. Most people just pinch the gussets together to hold the glass tighter.

    Gussett Fix
    The window gussets at the corners (the triangle that the side mirror is bolted to and that the glass rides into the channel).... These gussets get bent over time by shutting the door by the glass or with the windows up even.... and the cabin pressure does it...

    Weatherstripping Seal Noise
    PepBoys... LifeLine brand vinyl tubing... 5/32" vinyl tubing... OD of the tubing is just over 1/4". Say 5/16" It's sold in 6 foot lengths, and you'll need one package for each window. Start stuffing the tubing between the weather stripping and the interior trim panel. Run it all the way around the window. Then, go back and pull back on the stripping so that it fully encapsulates the vinyl tubing. This will push the weather stripping out a bit more, and help it seal against the window.
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    Links and all, thanks. :shades:
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