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In my ongoing quest to create a message board that pocahontas WON'T cut off, I'm dedicating this page EXCLUSIVELY to owners of the new-gen GMC Sierra. Silverado people, sorry, you've got plenty of other boards to choose from.

Dealer problems, great trucks, Ford-stomping stories, all are welcome here!


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    many Sierra owners around. Wonder where they all are?
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    Dean you cant reply you dont own a sierra

    I guess the sierra is a whole different truck than the silverado. The dont have any of the same parts options colors etc.

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    and/or they don't fall within the guidelines of our Town Hall rules.

    This discussion will stay open, but let's all please be civil with one another. If you don't like what someone has posted... the best thing to do is ignore the post as though it does not exist. Responding with anger will only create more unwanted posts. Understand?

    And now let's all pay a little respect to this new discussion: GMC Sierra Owner reviews. Thanks. ;-)

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    I am now on my third GMC in the past 12 years. The first 2, a 87 short bed and a 94 ext cab were by far the best trucks anyone could ever own. Both had over 115,000 miles on them when they were traded in. Both ran flawless for the entire time I owned them with the exception of normal maint. And best of all, they both yielded a very good trade in value when I bought new. My last purchase, a 2k Sierra ext. cab has been my problem truck. For the 31,000 dollars I paid, I expected a much better truck. The wind noise inside the cab is as bad as if not worst than the 87 that still had wings in the windows. Three visits to the dealer have resulted in "no problem found", " rear window latches replaced", and " rear window assembly and glass replaced". Truck is still extremely noisy when you encounter cross winds. The transmission
    ( torque converter)locks up at 38/42 mph and will not downshift on its own until you accelerate into passing gear. Three visits to the dealer for this have resulted in reprograming the computer twice. This has had no effect on the truck at all and I am now waiting for the local GM rep to drive the truck. Calls to the 800 number have been worthless. The best suggestion anyone at GM has been able to offer is that I shift the transmission into 3rd gear when this happens. (Living in the mountains of PA. that will be everyday, a dozen times each day ! ) I've had the dealer look at the anti-lock brakes twice. If I hit a bump when coming to a stop, the brakes vibrate and groan. I got two answers to this problem from two different dealers. One was that this will always happen in this situation and that I should anticipate it ahead of time, the other actually told me that I should pump the brakes. (I always thought that you shouldn't pump anti-locks ? )I have considered trading it in, but wouldn't know what truck to try next. I really do like the way that my Sierra looks, it's a sharp truck. But one thing that I am sure of is that I can't live with the wind noise and the torque converter locking up for the 115,000 miles I expect out of a truck. I'll wait and see what the GM service rep has to say, but I'm not very confident that I will ever get the truck fixed.
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    One question and a few comments

    How many miles does your truck have?

    Why i ask is cause til my truck got about 5K miles on it going over small bumps would engage the abs. Since then it rarely engages over bumps. The reason he told you to pump them is because (i have heard) it basically disengages them or resets it stopping the noise and feeling of the abs kicking in.

    If you have under 7500 miles the premature abs kicking in should go away i know mine did

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    as I've heard yet. Go for it....LOL!!
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    I have a 2000 1/2 ton Ex Cab Long Bed. Everything is stock. On certain freeways, the truck bounces (not vibrates), between roughly 68-73 mph. The dealer wants me to carry 200 pounds of weight in the truck bed. Maybe he can sit there all the time. I tried Edelbrock shocks, but they didn't improve anything. I'll return them today (30 day guarantee)... hope they honor this. My bed cover (Advance... folds up when I want) reduced the bouncing by almost 50%. I asked another guy with a 2500 long bed, he says his truck bounces also. No one with a short bed seems to have this problem. ANY IDEAS ???
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    has been flawlwss since I got it. I'm at 9000 miles and, like Ryan, I do notice that the ABS are not as touchy as they were were when the truck was new. Maybe the computer has to "learn" when to engage.

    Rotated the tires Saturday and am ready for the switch to Mobile 1 shortly. Maybe next Saturday.

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    I too am very happy with my 2001 Sierra. Seems like a lot of the problems on the first two model years have now been corrected. Makes me glad there wasn't a 2000 on the lot that I liked! For the record, mine is a regular cab long-bed SLE. I've had it up to 75 mph and it rides real nice, even at that speed. It's very comfortable, even for a 6' 2" guy like me. Mine came loaded with just about every option there is. Some of the things I really like: heated mirrors, electrochromatic rear-view mirror, message center, AutoTrac, ABS, fold-down center seat, just to name a few. Some of the things I don't like: the fog lights are for show only, other than that, the only reason to order them is so you'll have the wiring and switch in place when you get some real lights. Other things: put in some grab handles on the windshield post, like Ford does; put in a separate clock so the radio station frequency or CD track is always displayed; the chrome trim on the sides, give me something more durable. As for the differences with Chevy, I like the front-end styling much better. That includes getting the front bumper facia painted, instead of being black. I also like the PF4 rims much better than the Chevy rims. This is just for starters. I'll take a nice long drive and come up with some more things!
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    No way are the gmc aluminum rims better than the chevys.
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    It says he likes the PF4 rims "BETTER" than the Chevy not that they are better. Plus you are not welcome to post in this topic.....c'mon man get with the program....BTW, I better not see the guy who started this topic in the Silverado topic...ya know what I mean...
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    I started this topic because there aren't any really comparable topics, and I dont want to read the 600+ messages in Silverado to get info.

    BTW, has anyone ever measured how many square feet a GMC grille is over a Chevy grille? Seems to me the "carp-mouth" is capable of taking in more air. I know the older ones did.
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    Hey Ryan, thanks for the explanation on the brake pumping. My 2k truck has 18,000 miles on it now (1 year old) and still does the abs thing. I certainly do hope that it goes away. But I can't say that I'll keep the truck. I know every mfg. makes a bad one now and then and I was unfortunate enough to get one I think. The transmission and the wind noise are driving me crazy. Sure do wish they could just fix it !
    Thanks again for your input.
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    I have a 2000 sierra 4x4 shortbed. Right now I am waiting for the results of my arbitration . I have the cross wind noise, rough idle, [4.8] , Noise at around 40 mph,Just had all 4 rotors replaced because they were rusted and out of round, ride is lousy, they replaced all 5 tires and it still vibrates at 60 to 65 mph. I have 7000 miles on it. I'll keep you posted.
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    Has anyone had any towing experience? I know what the books say on paper, but I am thinking of a camper and and I don't want to push the envelope to tight. I have a 01 SLT x-cab 2x 1500 with the 4.8 and 3:42 gears. book says 68-7000lbs. I would like to know if anyone has put that much weight behind the truck to see how it really handles on the road. I really don't want to run out of power in the hills although I expect the weight to drag her down a little.

    p.s. Mine is black with med neutral leather and a stepside and the GMC polished alum wheels look great on her!
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    All new models of vehicles have flaws that are only revealed over time and use,as was the case with the 1999 and some earlier 2000 Sierra C/K models.General Motors is correcting problems as they become aware of them.Don't forget that Ford and Chrysler have complaints and problems with thier pickups too.The unique thing about the new GMC Sierras is that most people who buy one had an older model C/K before.The older model truck that this one replaces was an all around great truck,however it was not as good as this one is.If you need to be reminded of the reasons you bought this truck just hop into an old bodystyle 1988-1998 for a wake up call (especially one with the underpowered 305 engine).While the 99 or some 2000 models might have had a few minor problems they definetely accellerate,brake and handle much better than the models they replace.The older C/K model was and still is a great all around truck,which must mean that the new Sierra with all its improvements is in a class all by itself.Four wheel Anti-Lock Disc Brakes,Vortec aluminum head V-8, excellent camshaft and torque and power from these trucks were not available anywhere until just a few years ago.So before you condemn YOUR truck just remember that the grass always looks greener on the other side.Peace.
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    Although I really love my new truck, there are a few things I'd like to change. I think GM made a mistake by attaching the 2001 cup holders to the seat. I find I can't put as much stuff on the hump. I wish they'd have left them in the dash, like the 2000 trucks. I'm going to see if I can retrofit a 2000 cup holder into my truck. Another thing I don't like is how water from the roof just streams down the windshield when you're braking. Also, when I operate the wipers, water wraps around onto my side windows. At night, this water freezes the side window in place. Bad designing there! Another area for improvement is the sun visor. It needs an extension that can span the entire side window. Vanity lights would be a plus. That's it for now. I'll bring up issues as well as likes as they attract my attention.
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    I also had the abs problem when my truck was new (july). It has stopped doing this completely - at i guess would have been around the 10k mark or sooner. I have 15k now. Love the truck, smooth, quiet and pretty.
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    I have had problems with the brakes since a month after i got my truck. Since then there have been a lot of other problems most of them minor but very annoying. The master cylinder was replaced at 1500 miles for loss of brake pedal pressure. I have taken it in to 3 dealers a around 7 or 8 times. everytime its the same story working to spec or no problem found. plus they were never able to fix ANY of the other problems. I contacted the BBB who let the manufacturer have another chance to fix so I figure ok all I want is my truck to work the way its supposed to. Well the dealer calls me tells me to bring it in they will get on it ASAP. Then I get there they totally ignore the BBB decision and decide what they will and will not fix telling me they can no longre work on my brakes because I got the BBB involved and now their hands are tied. They kept my truck 4 days to replace a set of shocks! for a clunking noise from the front end that they had told me before was an intermediate steering shaft. not only that when i go to pick up my truck they had gotten mud all over the drivers side interior. so its back to arbitration I go.
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    I owed a 99 Seirra extended cab.. and it was horrible.. two transmissions.. and lots of other problems.. i chalked it up to a new model and body style and all that mess. I have traded it in on a 2001 same model. Here is the question, I had a bug shield on the front of my old one and took it off but couldn't get the little clips that went in the 5 holes to hold it on out. Does anyone know of where I could get those clips from?? I have the screws and the shield..but no clips so the screws can go in the hood?
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    bug deflector manufacturer and see if they will sell you some....might want to check out Home depot, too.
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