2008 LaCrosse Using Oil?

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I have a 2008 LaCrosse with 36,000 miles.
The first year the oil was changed by the dealer at a very good discount (This was part of the deal for buying the car there).
After the year was up, I started going to a local quick change oil company.
The first time I went, I was told the oil level was down 2 Qts. when I came in. Was advised to keep a check on it.
Over time, with me keeping an eye on it, I will burn or lose 1 Qt. every 1,000 miles.
No oil on drive or black smoke when I'm driving.
Is this normal or should I have this looked at?
Thanks for any advice.
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    Yes it is! I could not believe it when I noticed that my 2006 Lacrosse with 19K miles on it was using oil. Took it to the dealer and they showed me a Document from GM which states"The Accepted rate of oil consumption for this engine is 1 Qt every 2000 miles" I called GM to file a complaint and I was told-too bad that is the way it is. By the way its a 3.8ltr !

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    That rate used to be 1 quart every 1000 miles.
    I wonder what the EPA has to say about that? If everyone was pushing that much oil into the air I would think it a big concern.
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    I presume you both have 3.8.
    Manny did not say how much he was using.
    I always check afterwards if someone else is servicing. That is wife takes hers in. I've been doing my own.
    Too often they will short you a bit of oil to sell to the next customer. And I wonder about the quality of oil they use when dealing with bulk, maybe even the dealer. (I have to do some checking on 3 mo old dead battery replaced by dealer on road. Paper says they used a 30 mo. battery which does not seem right.)
    GM had a big issue with sticking rings around the time the 3800 came into use and they issued a bulletin saying not to use 10W40 anymore. The word was that it was only a problem with Valvoline but they blanketed all because of their closeness to that company at that time.
    It seems so wrong that such oil consumption would pop up and have to wonder if it could be related to an oil problem. I ran into such when I switched from regular to synthetic. First couple of changes were fine but then got specific weight vehicle called for. Noticed a big difference when I poured it and that I had started using past 6000 and added from that case till 10000. Bought more from store for next change and noticed it did not look anything like what I had previously poured, which looked like regular grade motor oil. That is when I realized what happened, they had mispackaged and put regular in synthetic bottle. They admitted that both were packaged on same line in factory.
    Watching for change on stick and the appearance of drained oil can tell you a lot about what your engine is doing. That is how healthy it is. Bad oil should also show a sudden change.
    I'm thinking I might get a bunch of small bottles and sample every change. Oil can be tested and narrow down potential issues quite well. The metalic content can tell them what is wearing unusually, such as rings or camshaft, etc. They can tell you what the condition of the oil was at change and whether your engine is running properly.
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    rider: we have a 98 B'ville with 3.8L V-6. We were also told to use 10W30 not 10W40. Castrol 10W30 GTX and HiMileage version after 80000 miles.
    New 3.0/3.6L with DOHCVVT system calls for 5W30 that seems to be important for cold start oiling and proper VVT operation. We make sure the dealer gives it what it calls for.
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