Tucson and Noise in the cabin

rallingralling Member Posts: 3
Does anyone else experience the loud noises from both the wind and the tires and road in their Tucson? Mine is a 2010 and it is totally unacceptable.


  • rallingralling Member Posts: 3
    First the noise in the cabin from the road and the tires is extreme in my 2010 Tucson. Anywhere from 100 KPH to 120 KPH creates enough noise in the cabin that there is no use having the radio on or even try and talk any passenger you have onboard.
    Aside from that strange things have been happening. The other day my dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree with every light coming on and the blue tooth interface started up. So I have chimes going off, the bluetooth talking to me and all the idiot lights coming on. I shutdown the vehicle and restarted it an all was well. This is very strange and I have never encountered anything like it. Anyone?
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