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Cracked Volvo XC90 Engine

Hands up if you've had to get a new engine due to the 'coolant top hose' popping off and cooking the lot?
In the course of reading and talking to people about the frequency of failed transmission in the XC90 T6 2003-2005, it's become apparent that there are a few unlucky people out there, like me, who've had the engine AND the transmission fail on them.


  • marcinsmarcins Posts: 1
    [cross-posting from swedespeed]

    I have a 2004 XC90 T6 with 83k miles. I bought the car new at Smothers European in Santa Rosa, Ca, using the European Delivery program. The car has always been serviced at Smothers according to the schedule (at least once every 7.5k mi) and I've always followed their repair and maintenance recommendations. We hit a first glitch at 60k, when the head gasket developed an unexpected leak; the Service Manager at Smothers managed to get VCNA to pay 50% of the $3k+ repair cost, since the leak must have existed while the car was still under warranty and just was not caught until 6 months after it went out of it.

    Now, at its 82.5k service, it was found that the car developed a coolant leak through a crack on the engine block webbing, on the right side (or, more accurately, cabin-facing side) about half-way up and in the middle of its length. As our now slightly embarrassed, yet still very friendly and helpful Service Manager said himself, the crack could not have possibly developed from misuse or an accident during maintenance (the engine has never been removed from the car). He contacted VCNA, but they decided not to help; a new engine is $6.8k + $2k labor, a used one maybe half of that in parts (same labor), but with a potential exposure to the head gasket leak, so for now they just poured into the cooling system a sealant and suggested I sell the car rapidly.

    I contacted VCNA on my own, a case was opened, but landed with the same Area Manager who already talked to Smothers and his position did not change. I asked for advice about escalation, joking that "Volvo. For life." should really be updated as "Volvo. For 83k mi.", and while quite sympathetic to my misfortune, the Customer Service lady thought it had very little chances of success.

    I do not want to give up just yet, though, and would appreciate any bit of advice you can give me. I am planning on writing a letter to Doug Speck, the President & CEO of VCNA, providing as much detail as possible to show that I did everything I could for the engine's longevity. Has anyone had any success with that approach?

  • voguesvogues Posts: 1
    I too have a cracked engine in my 2005 volvo CX90 after 83,000 miles. With it being 9 months out of warrenty, are there any suggestions on how I can get Volvo to at least partially help. It seems to be an issue with this vehicle
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