92 lumina fuel gauge

watusiwatusi Member Posts: 17
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my grandmother has a 92 lumina 3.1 (10,000 miles no kidding!) anyway the fuel gauge works off and one and she is worried about running out of gas (despite the fact she drives at most 10 miles a week and gets $5 worth of gas every 2 months) the shop want $300 to fix it...mostly labor as they probably want to drop the gas tank...im thinking its just a faulty wiring connection...

is this a common problem among that year lumina or should i just go about looking at the entire fuel sending unit wiring?


  • johnk324johnk324 Member Posts: 6
    Similiar problem: Gas guage is way off. If it shows 1/8 of tank, it is empty. Been like that when it was new.
  • jlcossjlcoss Member Posts: 1
    My gas gauge doesn't work at all - it's always full! Autozone wants $147 for a new sending unit.
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