How many miles on your Murano?

totalskeptictotalskeptic Member Posts: 4
Just got rid of my 03 after spending thousands on everything from new control arms to breaks and rotors, exhaust, wheel bearings and just about everything except the engine. Then the engine started making noise and I sold it for very little-as dx the engine problems would have taken many hours of mechanic time. I was nearing 140,000 miles and everyone I talked with expressed surprise that a Nissan could have any engine problems at 140k. I changed the oil at 3 month intervals (never had the oil light on despite the mechanic saying ti was low when the noise occured). What has your experience been? Should I have been able to easily get to 200K without spending a ton?


  • newowner10newowner10 Member Posts: 227
    I have a 2006 Murano. Never had any problems. Replaced brakes, and Coolant at 72,000 miles only time I spent money on the car.

    The Oil ligt indicates low oil pressure it does not indicate when you should add oil or change it.
  • av05carav05car Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Murano with 145,000 miles, I have had a lot of issues - wheel bearings / axle box / tie rods / steering. Now I have to replace another tie rod and wheel bearing don't know if it is worth pouring more money into this car. Also have the air bag light flashing all the time.
    Too bad I had a Nissan that went over 200,000 miles. Had hoped to get the same from the Murano, do not think it will happen? Any suggestions??
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