Santa Fe Remote Start Option

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I'm looking at the 2011 Santa Fe Limited. A dealer told me that the remote start is not an option. In looking online, it appears that it is an option. Does anyone know the answer? Also, if it is available, is it a factory option?

I'm concerned about getting anything that isn't factory. I had a nightmare with a sunroof in the past where the dealer assured me that it was covered by the factory warranty, but I found later that it wasn't.


  • mikea11414mikea11414 Member Posts: 33
    I'm picking up my santa fe limited 6 cyl AWD tomorrow. I also saw the remote start listed as an option on many car sites but have been told that it really isn't. And that to put it on a limited you'd have to use part of the key so you'd have to pay for an extra key or something like that so I'll do without it.
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    Just picked up a 2011 limited with remote start installed at the factory.
    Works great, will idle the vehicle for up to 15 mins. The remotes are different than the regular ones, and works from over 75 ft away.
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