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  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 19,101
    2011 Explorer AWD XLT carrying 4 people and luggage, 444 miles.
    Not the highest average mpg per fill up, but still got 24.4.
    2023 Ford Explorer ST, 91 Mustang GT vert
  • barefootinalbarefootinal Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone have any knowledge in regards to a problem with the front end on the Ford Explorer? My 2011 Explorer Limited has a popping/bumping noise in the front passenger side. I have been told, by a Ford dealer, there is a problem and Ford doesn't know how to fix, however, I've been trying to research this issue and not finding any information. I've owned my 2011 Explorer for two years and love it. I've had two repair recalls, one a Sync upgrade and one on the Cooling system fans, otherwise it's been standard maintenance until this problem. I'm thinking about upgrading to a 2013 Ford Explorer but want to know if this issue has been resolved in the later models. Any suggestions on where to get answers to my questions?
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    I/ve had a 12 for 15 months now, no such problem, I don't think anybody with a 12 has had that issue, so I believe it's indemic to the 11's only.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 19,101
    How many miles are on your Explorer?
    I also have a 2011, but don't think i have that noise.
    Just went over 23k.
    I saw your post, so I've been listening for something similar.
    2023 Ford Explorer ST, 91 Mustang GT vert
  • esw2005esw2005 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT. Today I noticed a popping noise when accelerating from a stop going forward and in reverser however is sounds like the trans mission.
  • barefootinalbarefootinal Member Posts: 2
    Currently I have 37,000 miles on my Explorer but the noise started before I had 30,000 miles. This problem still has not be resolved.
  • tdbmdtdbmd Member Posts: 20
    We have a 2011 XLT with about 24k miles on it now, bought it new. Great highway ride/drive and I continue to be impressed with the mileage. About 18.5 in town and 23-24 mpg on the highway at interstate speeds. Just did a 75 mile trip this weekend on 2 lane highways and averaged 25.4 mpg.

    I have also been impressed with how well the snow setting on the AWD system works in our snowfalls here this winter. I didn't think the Michelin tires would be up to it.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 19,101
    Although I just traded my 2011 Explorer, I was very impressed with the comfort and mileage.
    In the worst snow storm I have ever driven in, couldn't see anything for about 45 minutes, it never slipped up once.
    It was in normal AWD the whole time because I forgot it had the terrain settings. :blush:
    2023 Ford Explorer ST, 91 Mustang GT vert
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
  • joebone8joebone8 Member Posts: 1
    I work from home so my 2 year old 2011 Explorer has only 14,000 miles on it. I recently started noticing a metallic pop/click whenever I shift into reverse, sometimes into drive as well. The heavier the load on the engine, as in backing uphill makes the noise a little louder. Sounds like something flexing when the engine torques back and forth. Took it to the dealer today and of course I could barely get it to make the noise there, but the guy did here a slight click. I'm thinking the noise may be where the exhaust header meets the exhaust pipe as there is usually a flexible connection there to allow for engine rotation in FWD vehicles. We'll see what they come up with....
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