2011 Outback clicking noise right-front wheel area when turning

mcrob427mcrob427 Member Posts: 2

I bought a new 2011 Outback about 3 weeks ago, and I have around 1500 miles on it.

A couple days ago I started noticing a clicking noise near the right-front wheel area whenever I turn for the first time after I start the engine (releasing handbrake, shift to Drive, etc). This happens only one time per drive, and mostly after I turn to the right for the first time. After hearing that sound, the next time I will hear it is only after I park and shutdown the engine and restart.

Has this happened to anyone else with the latest model of Outback?

Thanks in advance.


  • vrenteriavrenteria Member Posts: 1

    I believe my car is making the exact same noise. Just got it this past weekend and it already has 400 miles. The noise only happens after starting the engine, placing it in drive and probably within the first few hundred feet of driving it makes the short popping noise. After that, everything is normal. Unlike you, I do not have to turn right for the noise to show up; I think I have to pass a certain speed for the popping to happen (15mph). It sounds like something is releasing tension or like something is adjusting. Please let me know if the noise persists with your car or if you have figured out what is causing it.


  • mcrob427mcrob427 Member Posts: 2
    Yeah, I later figured out that I don't actually need to turn right to get that noise to happen.

    I took the car back to the dealer and initially they had no clue what that noise is either. But after spending a day investigating, what they did was take me on a test drive in another brand new outback and heard the same noise. Their explanation is that this is the ABS activation pump starting up when the car first starts.

    Hope this helps.
  • melbguymelbguy Member Posts: 1
    Yes, same thing happened to my 2011 subaru liberty, cracking noise always come when I drive or turn at slow speed in bumpy road.

    The technician told me can not fix (its a lie of course, because no other new car like that).

    except the symmetrical AWD, I don't think Subaru has more advantages than the other cars.

    Won't consider subaru again. disappointing. my friend drives a 2007 subaru and crash a bit when doing a reverse, the outside looks ok because the plastic protector, the inside one small part is damaged, just a slow and slight crash with a pole.

    my first car is 1987 ford, quite solid and heavy, miss the old honest design of the car, nowadays, most of cars are made of plastic.
  • gretsch1943gretsch1943 Member Posts: 13
    Does anyone know if the 2011 Legacy comes from the factory with synthetic oil? Owners manual says to use synthetic (which I always do anyway). I just turned 1500 miles on new Legacy and wondered whether to go ahead with first oil change or not.
  • ozpalozpal Member Posts: 1
    Hi Robert, I am from Australia, I got the same problem as you. Subaru always reluctant to fix it. but if you insist they will fix for you.

    Also there is cracking noise coming from back of my car, very annoying. something wrong with 2011 liberty. never buy subaru again.
  • flightrnflightrn Member Posts: 1
    Having intermittent problems, after car sits won't start, nothing has been left on. Sometimes fob wont unlock car,preset radio channels gone, clock is reset to 1200. Have had it a 3 different Subaru dealerships over the last year. They haven't been able to found problem, usually the problem flares up after car has been in for routine maintenance. Happened again this past weekend, less than 2 weeks since last service. I tightened all connections from battery down, car eventually started. This morning same problem, but this time wouldn't start. Something draining battery ,tested on last service battery was fine. Car towed 60 miles to nearest dealer. No after market equipment on the car. any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.
  • phil2000phil2000 New JerseyMember Posts: 195

    I have a vibration at highway speeds. Nothing at 55, slight at 60 noticeable at 65, and bad at 70. All new tires, dealer did a Road Force Balancing. Seems like the vibration is coming from the rear. Some times the vibration subsides for a couple a minutes then gets bad again. Anyone have any thoughts.

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