2010 Honda Civic LX-S Vibration

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Hi, coming from the 2007 Honda Fit Sport which I was very happy with but it was just time to move up or upgrade (115k miles), I decided to stay with Honda and bought the 2010 Honda Civic LX-S automatic a few weeks ago.

I might be having some buyer's remorse as the car consistently when hitting 50-60mph and around 1500-1900 rpm, the car seems to flutter or vibrate. The steering wheel doesn't really shake but I do feel the vibration on my calves. Its a droning vibration.

I talked to service at Honda and over the phone and they said it doesn't sound like a tire/wheel balancing issue since the steering doesn't really shake but to bring it in.

My question is, is this just a characteristic of this generation Honda Civic? The car only has 597 miles as of yesterday! :surprise: Thanks.


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    Had the dealership balance the tires a few days ago and after test driving 100 miles, no change.

    Called the dealership this morning and told them the car was 109 days on the lot before I bought it so if there is a possibility of a flat spot on one of the tires and the service tech agreed right away and scheduled me to come in to replace the tires. Nice! I hope this fixes it! I do enjoy the seat leg massages while driving but only for a few minutes. ;)
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    I hope you read this. You're not having an isolated issue. I purchased my 2010 Honda Civic LX with only 3 miles on it in September 2010. A week later I took it into the dealer I purchased it from and told them the front seats were noticeably shaking and vibrating. They informed me the right rear tire had to be replaced because there was a high spot on it (funny how they missed this in the predelivery inspection). They balanced just the right rear tire.
    Brought it back in a week later, informed them the vehicle is driving worse. They balanced all four tires.
    Left dealership and you guessed it. The vehicle was still vibrating and shaking excessively, not to mention driving a lot worse. I was informed at this point by the Service Manager that the excessive shaking and vibrating I was feeling was "normal". He even had me test drive other Honda Civic LX models, but with different brand tires to "prove" to me my car was driving normal. Remember this in a few minutes.
    Per the separate tire warranty, it says to take the vehicle for any tire issues to a Bridgestone service provider, which I did. I took it to a Tires Plus and they informed me the excessive shaking and vibrating is not normal, as they test drove my car with and without me, and informed me all four tires were out of balance. Are you counting? That is three times now in less than two months the tires have been balanced, and....the issue was still there and getting worse.
    So I called Honda America, which by the way is a joke. They informed me, or should I say the representative handling my case, informed me that "the dealerships are their eyes and ears". If they are telling me the excessive vibration is normal, then it must be normal. She also told me that Tires Plus would of course tell me it's not normal because they only wanted my money. I wish I could have seen the look on her face when I told her they didn't even charge me. Ha ha ha ha
    Of course she had no response when I told her that except for a scripted response.
    So I took it to another Honda dealership. They looked over my vehicle and informed me all four tires had to be replaced because all four tires had flat spots. They informed me I had to take my car back to the selling dealer for them to address the issue.
    After I threw a fit because I was not taking my car back to the selling dealer who in my opinion made my vehicle worse, the other dealerships service manager agreed to test drive my vehicle.
    Within two minutes of driving my car he informed me the excessive vibrating and shaking was not normal, and later informed me the tires were....you guessed it, out of balanced. They also needed to be replaced and an alignment done.
    So you would think that would have fixed the issue. Nope. After four tires replaced, well actually one tire replaced twice, tires balanced four times, and an alignment, the car still shakes and vibrates excessively. Oh and now it pulls to the right no matter what lane I am driving in on the highway, and sputters and shakes really bad at 50mph and higher.
    I am meeting with a Honda America representative and the General Manager from the dealership I purchased it from in one week. I personally want my money back. This is absolutely unacceptable for Honda.
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    My 2nd trip to the dealership was a disappointment and the same experience you had. My selling dealership just rebalanced the tires again and although it rides better at higher speeds, it still vibrates (chugs, flutters) in the seat area around 53mph.

    I even told the dealership that I test drove my dad's 2009 Honda Civic LX and their 2010 Honda Civic EX loaner and the ride was very smooth and had no vibration. They just kept pushing it was normal.

    I think the bottom line is the dealership will not replace the tires (eat up their profit) and the tire company does not cover flat spotting.

    Please let me know how Honda resolves your issue. I have 1500 miles on my car now and I'm just hoping I will run out the flat spots. I do hope its just the tires and not an issue with the car itself. :sick: Thanks.
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    Positive Final update:

    I'm happy that the 3rd time is a charm. I rode with the dealer tech and although he insisted that the "vibration" we are feeling is normal, he did acknowledge the "vibration" which was good enough for the service manager. I tested the same model/same tires and it did not display the issue at avg 53mph so they decided to change all 4 tires on my car.

    After, I test drove my car on the highway for 20 minutes and its night and day. It was painful dealing with this vibration issue but my problem is finally solved!
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    UNFORTUNATELY FOR ME, I bought my honda civic when it already had 6K miles on it. I started feeling the shake when I drove it fast around 55 miles and more. Also the noise of the outside was as if it was echosed in the car. Even when all windows are closed I hear the wind passing by. I can feel the earth underneath. It is sad how I have lost so much money buying this car. I took the car to Allen Tires who gave it alighnement and balance, but it did not change this. I took it to the dealer ship and they checked it and they said its shock is leaking and they had to change it, which I did not have to pay for it, but neither one of these have solved the problem. This is a bad make and I am stuck with it. I have 22 K miles on it now. If I sell it, it would barely pay for its loan and my down payment is gone and tax that I paid and all of this is sad. Dealership does not stand behind its product.
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