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Lincoln Aviator Shuts Down While Driving

ecmd92ecmd92 Member Posts: 2
edited August 2014 in Lincoln
I have a 2004 Lincoln Aviator and it keeps shutting off while I am driving randomly. The wheel gets tight and I can't steer the low oil pressure light comes on then it shuts off. It always starts right back up but it is annoying to say the least and potenially super dangerous. I took it to a mechanic and got a tune up but $300 later it is still doing. Brought it back and he said it was a bad oil sensor $60 more and it is still doing it. My dad said it might be my fuel injectors took it to Walmart $20 to have them clean them and check the oil level and it is still happing. I did notice this week that it usually happens when the fuel level is low. Could it be the transmission? I only have 50K miles on it. If anyone knows what this is and knows a mechanic in LA that won't bend me over to get this fixed I would appricaite it.


  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    First - never take your car to WalMart for anything and don't take it back to the idiot that ripped you off for $60. A bad oil sensor wouldn't cause it to stop running - it would just cause your oil light to come on.

    My guess is you have a fuel problem - get the fuel filter changed and if it does it again have the fuel pump/fuel pressure checked.
  • ecmd92ecmd92 Member Posts: 2
    I know as a single mom I don't have the time nor money to keep taking my in to get fixed. After he kept my car for 4 days and it was still not fixed he told me he could not fix it because the light was not on. I only took it to Wal-Mart because I am tired of getting ripped off because I have a vagina. I took it to a mechanic thsi week and he said a fuel pump on the lincoln would be $400 plus because they are hard to get to on this vehicle. Thanks for your help I will chekc it out.
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    If I were you I'd at least check with a Lincoln dealer. The LS is a unique vehicle (e.g. it has two fuel pumps) and a shadetree mechanic may not know how to work on it.
  • bigrednebraskabigrednebraska Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    I drive a 2003 Aviator with 86k miles and am having the same random shut offs as she is experiencing. Today I had a fuse blow while it was shutting down as I was going 40mph down the road in hvy traffic. She is absolutely right these events are very random! In the 2 years I've owned this vehicle this problem is becoming worse and worse. Today, I took it in to the local Lincoln dealership express to have them hook it up to their computer and they said the two pending codes the car is giving them relate back to the Fuel Injectors and a Piston Misfire. The fuse that was blown also relates back to the OBD II system, Cigarette Lighter and rear lift gate. The lighter and gate have not worked properly for the past year. More specifically, the plug below the window controls (the one in the center armrest is fine). The Rear lift gate button release does not release or open when pushed. If you still have the book, I believe the fuse # was 16.

    I was unable to schedule a more indepth servicing until this coming week but I will do my best to post my results.
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