Lexus RX 350 Electrical problem heater display

albiekalbiek Member Posts: 1
Weird thing started to happen today 2006 rx330. While driving my panel lights got bright then dim. Tire pressure light came on and picture of seatbelt and ball. Heater controls worked but no green light on name plates and no display.
No all warning lights are off and with key on (auto not started yet) I can see the temp controls and move temp up and down and see numbers change. When I start car the numbers disappear. However I can still press temp button up and down and heat or a/c responds. Weird.
Then rear door would not open automatically with button. Then it would??? Could not open hood then suddenly I could? Seems like I developed an electrical problem all of a sudden. Also, when I turn seat heater of there is a very dim light on button. It does not go all the way off?


  • la4meadla4mead Member Posts: 347
    You probably already thought of this, but the obvious first thing is to check the battery. It is possible it could have a bad weak cell and still start the car. That sometimes relates to strange displays, loss of program, etc.
    After replacement, some electronics might need to be reset.

    Please post what you find out. Good luck.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    If the battery circuit opens for some reason the VR will cause the alternator voltage to go into orbit, skyhigh. Check/clean/burnish the posts/connections.
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