Jetta- Made in Mexico?

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:cry: I recently read in Automobile magazine that all NA Jetta's are now made in Mexico!
There's no way I'm buying a Mexican made car, I've read and seen the horror stories on the junk that comes from there, if Mexico
wants to develop it's own car..that's fine but a "so-called" German car which everyone automatically (VW hopes) *think they are getting but which is actually a Tijuana Taxi is out of the question.
I'll spend a few of my dollars and buy a real German made car..the A-3 or A-4 Audi or better yet, a real American made car which actually outrank most of the Euro cars today anyway.
No Thanks VW..we already know about your Mexican VW Bugs.


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    Um..... VWs (including the original beetle till it was discontinued) have been "assembled" in Mexico for a very long time. However, if you read the window-sticker, most of the major componentes (Engine, Xmission...etc) are assembled outside Mexico.
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    I could be wrong, but I really don't think the parts care where the machines that put them together are located. This "oh no mexico" crap is just thinly veiled racism, imo.

    Anyway, you could buy a Golf, those are assembled in Germany.

    BTW, currently the Ford Fusion is, I believe, rated as the most reliable midsize sedan by CR. Guess where the parts are assembled?
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    I just recently found a way to determine whether a VW is German made or if it is made in Mexico. Check the first letter/number of the VIN. If it starts with a W then it was built in Germany, if it starts with a 3 then it was assembled in Mexico. I have owned several VW's and will continue to buy them as they are great cars. They may be made elsewhere other than Germany, but I do not believe (IMO) that impacts the quality as they are still held to VW's standards for quality and performance regardless of where it rolls off the line at.
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    Traded out of Honda's that I have drove for years and this car is equal in fit and finish and quality. Need some time to report on dependability but talked to relatives who have Jetta TDI Auto like I have and they have had not problem at all and owned car for under a year.

    I have read many Consumer Reports reviews and many were on their 4th Volkswagen and had Jetta's before. When I did the same thing before buying Honda's there was always some people that had problems and some with problems with Jetta but it seems if you have 100,000 people driving a car only the one that have problems usually say much on a forum as like myself I usually have to little to say about a car that has no problems. I am doing this today because of the excitement of switching brands and getting a diesel but hope to fade away and never hear from me again as it happened with my Hondas over the years.
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    Have filed for lemon law car pulls right and drives to right dealer cant fix 2011 jetta se less than 250 miles buyers beware even another demo car tested also pulled right
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    Did you ever consider the road in which you drive on daily? Perhaps there are subtle and shallow tire grooves embedded into the roadways which cause your car to pull in one direction or another? Only you would know for sure if it was the car or not. But you might be surprised what the surface of a road (combined with the right set of tires) can do for a car's handling and performance. Hopefully, your were able to resolve your issue without a headache. Trade it in and get something else! ;-)
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