1994 Chevy G20 Conv. Van will not warm up

raganrdraganrd Member Posts: 2
I have a 1994 Chevy G20 conversion van converted by Tiara. I have owned it for a year. The engine temperature never seems to warm up. In the summer the temperature gets to about 160. Now it's winter and it takes forever for the needle to move just a little bit. The inside of the van heats up after 20 minutes and pumps out hot air.

I have replaced the thermostat twice. I made sure to put the spring side towards the engine. I replaced the temperature sensor. I have flushed the system twice. Anybody have any ideas??? Everyone I talk to just scratch their head and say they have no idea.


  • bill_bill_ Member Posts: 1
    it will not warm up because G.M, set the high idle wher it only operates when you have the air cinditioner on. it don't work with a hoot even then.
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