Black Bungie on My Chevy Equinox

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ok i've looked and looked and can't figure out what this small black bunglie looking thing with hooks on each side is for It came with my new equinox 2011 awd and was in the glove box with the manual etc.

Help its driving me nuts

Love it so far
thank you


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    I think you are refering to this:
    Good question. What is it for?
  • jtny1jtny1 Member Posts: 18
    thanks rev rat that is exactly what it is and i still dont know what it is for LOL
    hope its nothing important I tossed it into the back area LOL
    hope someone knows
    thanks :confuse:
  • ronwelronwel Member Posts: 57
    It is to secure the fold down arm rest / cup holder in the back seat. When you have a rear facing car seat in the middle back seat possition, you need to secure the folding arm rest, so that it does not flop down. There should be an eyelet on the arm rest, and the cord attaches to that, and then up and over the seat, and attaches to a ring on the back of the seat.

    I have a 2010 Equinox and the bungie was permanently attached to the arm rest. My Father has the 2011 Equinox and got the seperate bungie.
  • jtny1jtny1 Member Posts: 18
    thank you
    i would have never ever figured that one out. ok since no car seat ill tuck it away
    thank you for the info
    great job
    thanks again :shades:
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    Our 2010 LTZ had the bungie separate in the glove box. Not all bungies are presented equally. ;)
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