1997 Tahoe 4WD won't engage

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My Chevy Tahoe LT 4-WD (HI & LO) won't engage. The lights blink on the 4-HI/LO switches when pressed but, the light won't stay on steady to indicate that it has engaged properly.
I have tried to engage it by driving SLOW, FROM stopped to 5, 10, 15, 20 mph, IN NEUTRAL, etc with no success.
It HAS functioned properly in the past with the last time being March 2010 in the snow. I haven't attempted to engage it since then until today (12/26/2010), while under a Nor'Easter blanketing the NJ area under 18 + inches of snow.... the MAIN time I need it & the PRIMARY reason I bought it.
The transfer case, rear differential, transmission was serviced 3 weeks prior to THAT last use & it functioned fine.
ANY help to identify & resolve this issue(s) will be greatly appreciated.


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    Check wiring to shift solinoid in transfer case or solinoid itself is bad
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