2001 Toyota Sequoia - Problem

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I just purchased (one week ago) a 2001 Toyota Sequoia SR5 and have the following problem. The "VSC TRAC" light and "VSC OFF" light are on simultaneously. The owners manual provides instructions directing that the vehicle be taken to a dealer for service if this occurs. We are planning to take ours in immediately.

Has anyone experienced a problem similar to this one ? Is this a potentially serious problem or possibly just an electronic glitch ? After being a lifelong Toyota supporter, I had some reservations about buying the "American Built" Toyota Sequoia....I hope this problem is minor and the first and last that I will have with this vehicle.


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    A Chevy Tahoe or Suburban....;-)
  • bluebeastbluebeast Member Posts: 258
    and the value drops "like a rock".
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    I just test drove one in Morristown, NJ
    ... from the back seat the dealer instructed me to turn the VSC off and then back on.

    - it didn't work. Niether of the 2 lights lit up.

    I checked the invoice on the Limited ... it has VSC?

    Makes me hesitate buying an "American" car again.

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    the vsc light on the sequoia should come on for a few seconds after vehicle is started.you cannot turn vsc off unless your are in 4-wheel drive-low.if in 4-wheel-low vcs off will show up on dash if you push vsc off switch.never...never have vsc on when in 4-low.
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