2010 Dodge Journey SXT

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We purchased a new one off the lot with around 15 miles back in May 2010. As of Dec 28 it is back in the shop for the fourth time.
1. The Vehicle Shut Off ---- The vehicle shut itself off 4 times between May and September. I thought I did something wrong the first time, but the next three times it shut off were under different conditions. No check engine light came on so I was sure there would be no memory recorded.
Dealer response---a module was replaced with no real explanation.
2. Water Stain on the Liner---- As we were emptying out the back my wife noticed a "stain" on the rear liner. As we have not received much rain in South Texas since July this was hard to explain or figure out. I thought maybe water was leaking from tailgate being open while it was wet, but due to the fact it has not rain much, that theory was shot.
Dealer response----the antenna sealant was not sealed properly. Again no real answer was given. BUT ACCORDING TO DEALER THEY RAN WATER OVER VEHICLE AFTER THEY REPAIRED ITEM FOR 30 MINUTES AND WE SHOULD HAVE SAME PROBLEM. AND THEY CLEANED THE LINER.
3. Soiled Liner----As we picked up the vehicle closed to closing 630pm central time with little light, I did not notice the liner. Well next morning the stain was there, and the DEALER TOLD MY WIFE THEY CLEANED IT!
Dealer response #1----replace liner by a third party. As we picked up the vehicle we were turned on all lights and noticed FINGERPRINTS all over the liner.
Dealer response #2----drive to 3rd party and have him clean the liner. Time taken away from my wife's schedule
4. Water leak----We finally received some rain here in South Texas this past Tuesday December 28. Not a constant downpour here in town but enough to form puddles and wet the grass. As I came home from work, my wife went to back of Journey to get her purse when we noticed WATER RUNNING OUT OF BACK DRIVER SIDE SPEAKERS! I ALSO NOTICED WATER RUNNING OUT OF REAR PASSENGER SIDE PILLAR! AND THE LINER WAS WATER STAINED AGAIN!
Dealer response----no open appointments till Jan 7!!!!! Until my wife called the sales manager on duty. He told her to take vehicle in WEDNESDAY(Dec. 29) morning and he would personally see the vehicle receive attention. Now we are in a rental and have no idea the time frame for this next adventure.
I have noticed other posts about "water leaking" but I have yet to see if anything has been resolved. I will update this post when we get an answer from our dealership. I have been reviewing the lemon law and will follow the procedure, but we are very upset with this issue and the "lax" attitude coming from the maintenance department.


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    :mad: .....Today is January 10. Our Dodge Journey has been in the shop since the 29th of December. We have spoken to our service rep and the sales manager. Our vehicle was taken to a body shop on the 30th of December because "it is a body issue" and"our techs are not able to locate the leak". The body shop did the same thing as the dealer ship but wanted to wait till it rain again in our area. The body shop did make me aware that there was some corrosion on the rear driver side air bag system due to some kind of leak. The rain happened, lightly, last Wednesday. As I stopped by body shop, rain was not the issue but the rear windshield wiper hose was the issue, according to body shop. The vehicle was sent back to dodge dealership where they sent it to a detail shop for us to pick up on Friday. I received phone message Thursday around 530 pm about what was going on than on Friday in the a.m. I received another phone message the vehicle was cleaned and ready to pick up. Well I guess they didn't expect us to look over the vehicle before we picked up. We are not happy. The back liner is soiled, hanging low on the driver side, and there was some kind of sealant over rear hatch. So we are waiting again for the headliner and the airbag to be replaced. We still do not think it was the hose, the leak was not blue and our headliner is brown with stain and how could a Five Star dealership miss this? Still waiting for results! :lemon:
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    Hi, danimal3474 have you figured out what the flooding problem was yet? Mine has been flooding for a while on the passenger side front and back. The dealer told me that it was because my a/c vent under the hood and the sun roof vents were blocked with debris from trees and leaves. He asked if I park under trees and I said no, then he said it was probably from the road..dust..pollen..and such. I think he's full of it!! I had no idea that the passenger side was wet because I hardly ever carry passengers and the water was only on the floor. Now my car has water damage in it and mold. My insurance adjuster wants to total my car but I'll get nothing back for it after the note is paid. I'm fighting it and refuse to give up my vehicle. I really do love my car. The dealer says he can fix it, but for a significant amount of money. I think the leak is a manufacturer's issue but the dealer is saying no. I have my car professionally cleaned once a month and know that it's not because of debris. Is there anyone else out there with this kind of problem?? Every time I bring my car to the dealer with a problem, he tells me that they can't duplicate the problem. Now my car is past the 36,000 mark and I'm working on the extended warranty and the problems are noticeable to the dealer, so there are deductibles everywhere.
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    Hello dsully2000, sorry to hear about your dilemma. Nothing was found on our journey issue, because it could never be duplicated at dealership or body shop. Our issue was the occurrence of water literally running down the side pillars behind the third row which led to the back carpet getting soaked. Our vehicle did not have a sunroof, but it did have the luggage rack. It was after the 3rd time in the body shop that we got Chrysler involved and working with the dealership they bought back vehicle minus the miles in which we purchased a 2012 dodge Durango. As for your issue, I used to work at national chain auto repair store, and unfortunately it does sound like the heater core either is blocked or has a hole in it. I would see that a lot and it requires taking apart the dash and some places charge about 5 to 7 hours of labor time. This just happened recently on my used Volvo. Maybe take it to an independent company and ask for another opinion? Good luck and yes I enjoyed the journey and would still be driving it today if not for the issues! :lemon: :sick:
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