shift lock solenoid

clydekclydek Member Posts: 4
How important is the shift lock solenoid in the every day operation of your car. This is what the code keeps showing on my 1997 toyota avalon.
I erased it and it came back, but the car is normal in all phases of its shifting. Do I just keep driving?


  • allavalonsallavalons Member Posts: 67
    What can happen is that the interlock between the steering wheel, the key and the brake will not function properly.

    One day you will potentially be able to pull out the key before the car is in park, or you will be able to shift without the brake pedal depressed or you will not be able to shift out of park even with the key in, the brake pedal depressed.

    It is a malfunction, so you are rolling the dice as to which safety feature you will lose or eventually lose the ability to shift into any gear.
  • clydekclydek Member Posts: 4
    I may not have used the proper description of my problem.
    The error code is po 773 Defective Shift Solenoid E.
    I thought it pertained to the converter or tranny?
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Yes, that is part of the transmission.
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