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1997 quest sliding door locking issue...

jovangarciajovangarcia Member Posts: 6
so i have this 1997 nissan quest that since i've had it, has had a sliding door lock problem. when i try to lock all the doors at either the driver's side keyhole or the interior driver's side door lock switch, the sliding door won't lock fully, it'll make a 'hurrrRRR...' noise.

sometimes i have to "lock" the door several times until i hear the sliding door lock fully engage. so it's "hurrrr....huurRRR...HUURRRRR....*CLACK*". kind of annoying. i've cleaned the contact posts at the sliding door but the problem still persists. probably 1 out of 4 times it will lock on the first try, and the number of times i have to "lock" the doors to make the sliding door lock is always random.

also, it might help to know that the keyless entry doesn't work, and the alarm won't work either. in the 2 years i've had the van, only twice has the alarm gone off.


  • rockmobilerockmobile Member Posts: 115
    Did you get the hiccup taken care of?
  • jovangarciajovangarcia Member Posts: 6
    about the hiccup, my friend and proprietor of a good shop heard the hiccup said that it's not a problem worth spending too much money on, which is what it would be. i've been really busy lately taking care of, in short, someone important. but after the smog test i'll be doing in march, i'll pursue a hiccup free van.

    about the sliding door, i'm guessing the problem is in a poor contact i just dont want to open the doors parts without a plan of action and mess something up.
  • rockmobilerockmobile Member Posts: 115
    Go to this site:Nissanhelp, click the knowledge Base tab -> Maintenance -> Service Manuals.
    You may have to register but then you can download the Electrical manual for your vehicle.
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