Acura RDX vs Honda CR-V

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Planning to buy a new SUV since we are expecting a baby soon.
I currently have a Honda accord so wanting to buy a little bigger vehicle. I am only looking at 5 seaters as apposed to MDX or CX9 which are 7 seaters.
I have done all the comparison between RDX vs CRV but not sure which one should I go for. Any inputs that would help me choose one of these vehicles would be great.
Since baby is coming, I would like to get inputs on which vehicle is easier to put a car seat on etc.



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    Both of these are fine, I've had my car seats in my RDX and the neighbor's CRV, I feel like the RDX has a smidge more room, but I may be imagining things. The RDX, however, has a much stiffer ride, but a much sportier experience. If the car seat will be swapped between cars on a regular basis, get a car sear that has a quick release, makes life a LOT easier.

    Also, don't be afraid to bring the car seat to the dealerships to try them out.
    They see it all the time, and should be happy to let you test fit. If not, you know which dealer to avoid.
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    I prefer the Acura RDX opposed to the CRV. My husband prefers I should get the CRV but I fell in love w/RDX and I love drive of it. I also got the feeling the feeling the cabin space was slightly bigger than the accord. In your opinion do you or your friends think the RDX is slightly bigger?
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    I actually owned the 2012 CRV and then traded it for the 2013 RDX. Just looking at the specs on each of their pages shows that the RDX is slightly bigger. The CRV actually has a tiny bit more cargo...funny.

    I had the loaded CRV with NAVI and now I have the RDX Tech...both were AWD. Loved both of them but the wife HATED the way the CRV looked. So that helped me jump to the RDX. I am happy that I did!

    The RDX is just much more luxurious and powerful. I was getting 30-34mpg in my CRV on the highway (40 miles each way to work). Now with my RDX I am getting 27-29 for the same trip but the car isn't broken in yet. I hope to squeeze out 29 on a regular basis. At least until the winter here in Alaska hits and then mileage drops like a rock.

    The fit and finish is much nicer than the CRV. The leather is better, the xeon headlights, memory seats, bigger nav screen, WAY more power. And both my wife and I LOVE the look of the RDX vs the CRV.

    The one thing that I really didn't like about the CRV was that it had an "ECON" button to get better milage. When that mode was on the car was quite the slug but got good mpgs. With the econ mode off the CRV was much more peppy but I am sure the mileage would have suffered.

    So far with 1600 miles on my RDX I am not looking back. Compare the two and see what is important to you. The RDX cost about 8-10k more here in Alaska.

    Both are great but the RDX is wonderful!
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