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Hyundai Auto Finance is relentless

oskidunker1oskidunker1 Member Posts: 213
edited September 2014 in Hyundai
I co signed for my son on a Sonata last eyar.Evry time he is a few days late on the payment they call every 2 hours. I have received 13 calls since Decembe 30th. I was out of town but checked Caller ID. I have sent them a letter asking I be put on their do not call list. Anyone had any luck with doing this? There are several threads I found on the net describing their tactics.


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    bmb1767bmb1767 Member Posts: 64
    You are the cosigner on this loan so unfortunately, you are responsible. He shouldn't be late on the payments. Hyundai Auto Finance is doing nothing wrong. Can't blame them for checking on late payments if they are late. They should not put you on their do not call list. Better have a talk real quick with your son. Because if he defaults, HAF is coming after you!
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    jamazerajamazera Member Posts: 149
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    jlindhjlindh Member Posts: 282
    Ditto. By definition, assuming the borrower is of age, anyone who needs a co-signer is probably a less than stellar credit risk.
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    gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    Back in the day, when I'd mail a payment, I figured three days mail-time for 1st class mail, then I'd add another five days, mailing the payment eight days before it was due. There's no reason to delay mailing what you (plural "you") owe, and if you're living paycheck to paycheck, you shouldn't have bought to begin with, or should have bought much more cheaply to stay within your budget.. assuming a budget!...
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    siamese57siamese57 Member Posts: 1
    Please make sure you can afford a car- new or used - with the financing Priority offers. They suckered me into buying a used '06 Azera at a very high interest rate, financed thru Wells Fargo. The Finance Officer, Phil Kaufman assured me that after 8 months, I could reapply for a refinance and my interest rate would drop substantially.

    HE LIED!! My credit has not recovered sincr my divorce in 2008, but I am a former military dependant, andPriority knows that no matter what happens they will get their money. I am receiving alimoney for the next 8 years, so that was sufficient to qualify for the exhorbitant-rate loan. I have applied 3xs for refinance only to be turned down.

    DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM PRIORITY HYUNDAI!!! GO ELSEWHERE!!! I even called Kaufman to tell him I had reported Priority to the BBB. He didn't care as those jokers have an A+ rating. My next step is with the AG's office.

    They got me in there with a mailed-out key that would fit the lock of a car on the lot. And thus the high-pressure sales had begun.
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    Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,150
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