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Why Do YOU Drive A Pickup?

I'm always fascinated to hear the reasons various people own and use
pickup trucks.

One friend of mine pulls a 5th wheel every summer. So he has a big
diesel Ford that he uses year-round. The other reason he loves driving
the Ford year round is the size... it's very intimidating in traffic,
and offers him a lot of protection.

A woman I used to date bought a pickup simply because she figured (and
proved to be right) that she gets "hit on" a lot less than when she
drove her flashy sports car. I think it may have something to do with
the huge Harley Davidson decal she has on the rear window. But the
image is clear that she has a big biker boyfriend. She doesn't. But
she's thrilled that now she doesn't have to be ready with polite
turn-downs every time she goes out.

Still another friend who lives out in California has two dogs who love
to ride with him and his wife. They had a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)
but, as he put it, the smell of the dogs was awful inside the SUV...
not to mention the shedding hair of two dogs (his wife jokingly
suggested that some of it may have been his since he is rapidly
approaching Chrome-Dome status).

Now, with the pickup, the dogs are happily riding in back, and his
wife knows better to make comments about HIS shedding, else she may
wind up sharing the outside accomodations with Pete and Sparky (the

What is the reason YOU choose to drive a pickup? There are so many
alternatives now with the various size of SUVs etc. SUVs are cutting
into the Pickup and Passenger Car markets, but there's a hard-core
group of us staying true to our pickups.

What's your story?


  • brusbrus Posts: 2
    Hi my name is Bruce. I live in Lubbock, Tx. Here EVERYBODY drives a pick-up. Many are farmers who need them but most are.....well like me, they just love em. Actually I don't own a PU now. I have owned two smaller ones in the past. A Ford Ranger, and a Nissan Kingcab. I'm planning on purchasing a full size truck in the near future. Thats one reason I'm here, to hear what other people say about their favorites. The only reason I had the smaller pickups was because I couldn't afford a fullsized one. I'm fixin to change that.
    Why drive a pick-up? I like the idea of being able to 'throw 'things in the back. Tools, camping equipment, etc. I like to be able to look over the top of the car in front of me so I can figure out why the HELL they are going sooooo slow! Pick-ups are more practical to me. With an extended cab you can even carry your kids with you when you go pick up your Mom's new couch she just bought. I'm not crazy about the fancy flaresided pickups, or the ones that look like show cars. If I want one of them I'll buy a sports car.Just give me a plain 'ol Pick-up with the banged up bed.....I'll feel right at home.I'm a serious hunter. I've never met a REAL serious hunter...that didn't have a pick-up. To me they just make plain 'ol good sense. Besides all that...a pick-up is what my Grandpa taught me how to drive in.
  • ruzruz Posts: 59
    I don't know exactly why I drive a pickup...I bought the truck because I was looking for a vehicle and a friend was selling it.

    Now that I have it, I definitely appreciate things about it, like being able to carry things (like couches) around in it, being up high (although with the preponderance of SUVs out there, this is not the case so much), and getting more respect on the road. I don't think people in cars tend to cut me off as much. Even though my truck is pretty small, it's still a truck and exudes a sort of "don't-mess-with-me" attitude.

    I also like not having to give people rides that much. It's a tight squeeze to get 3 across the bench seat & that means that usually it's just my girlfriend and I in the truck...
  • Hi Guys. I drive a pickup because I've become addicted to 'em. After I broke my first 'Vette, I bought a little Toyota p/u because it was cheap, and so was I. My second Vette just kinda deteriorated, and I made the move back to a nicer Ranger which I really enjoyed. It was, however, a two wheel drive, and in the few times I really needed all four working, they weren't there. Soooo...I got a 4x4 to use as a hunting truck but as strong as it is it turned out to be a little too old and tired to make the long trips out of state, so I bought a new one. Already made one of those trips, and needed the 4wd several times. I still have and use the old workhorse.
  • I drive a pickup because if I drove a BMW 540i Touring package my clients would think I make too much money and quit paying me.


    I'm a truck guy. ALways have been. I'm just not happy with anything else. It's a weird personality flaw, but it's MY personality flaw and I deal with it.
  • As I mentioned in another area, Welcome, Dave!

    Nothing wrong with being a truck guy. I sure hope not since they make up such a high percentage of vehicle owners!

    Plus, given your occupation, I'd drive a truck myself.
  • wlswls Posts: 3
    visability and versatility
  • Being 6'2" with a 34" inseem, there isn't much else that fits me besides a truck. Driving in bumper to bumper traffic, seeing over the car in front of you is important which is what I have as an advantage driving a truck. When going out with a bunch of my buddies, I am not likely the person to drive. That job is left to the sedan owners.
  • Because of insurance costs!!! Cars cost too much to insure.
  • deiseldeisel Posts: 16
    I'm a horse person, I have to have the power to
    haul a 1400 lb mare 400 lb+ carriage hay, harness
    equipment and more for my mental rehabilitation
    off the job!!! My truck pulls a 20ft fith wheel
    trailer and has to be dependible ( There is nothing worse than being stranded on the road with
  • The best answer to that question I've seen so far was actually not on this site, but in an actual conversation. When the person was asked, "Why do you drive a truck?" he simply smiled and said:

    "You mean there's something else?"
  • wlswls Posts: 3
    motor mouth I like you post I have an 88 full size Chevy 2500 4x4 extended cab with a long bed. I've had it for 3.5 yrs the original owner used it only as a daily driver and so do I. Most people who see it are surprised that it is a 10 yr old vehicle. It is definetly the most favorite vehicle I have had and I intend to keep it for some time. I also own a 73 Spider what a difference !!!!
  • curtcurt Posts: 3
    Hi everyone;

    I have driven pickup trucks for the last 20 years. I have owned several different Chevy's and GMC's plus a 78 standard size Ford and an 83 Ford Crew Cab. I use my truck at work to haul all types of computer equipment and furniture. At home, I use it to haul such things as mulch, fill dirt, tree limbs, riding lawn mower, etc. I have an 8' x 16' flatbed trailer that I use to haul my 1947 Ford 8N tractor and accessories, lumber, masonery products and occasionally another vehicle like my 1952 Hudson Super Wasp (which I am just beginning to restore). I recently purchased a 30' Coachmen travel trailer and intend to do some traveling. I'm here because I am looking for information, guidance, counceling and anything else that will help me on trading my current truck for a 98 Dodge, Chevy, GMC or Ford.

  • CEHCEH Posts: 1
    If you're looking for a new p/u, the '98 Ford F-150 is going to be hard to beat. You know why they're so popular if you've already driven 2 Fords in the past. The new F-150 has improved on Ford's strengths, and from now until Jan. 5, 1998 Ford is offering 5.9% financing. I just got my 1998 F-150 and I love it. Add the warranty, roadside assistance, and tradition of Ford quality, and the choice is clear.
  • deiseldeisel Posts: 16
    just got the cowboys caddilac!!

    I traded in my chevy lemon for a 96 dodge cummins
    1 ton staight drive cd-player extended cab.
    I think I'm in love for the last time. The truck
    is the definative bad ride!!!!!
  • I have an 83 Ford. I don't rember why I bought it but I drive it because it won't stop running. I'm too cheap. It eats gas but otherwise costs very littlle to run. I moved to a small town 10 years ago. The locals won't talk to me when I take my wife's car but they treat me like an old timer when I show up in my truck.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Ever since I saw a picture of a brand new 79 GMC K3500 dually back in September of 1978, I've wanted a dually 4x4. After a few F150s (leased to keep the payments down), saving my pennies, and a lot of OT, I was able to buy (not lease) a 96 Dodge Ram 3500 Club Cab 4x4 diesel. The only thing that will get me into a car will be the banning of trucks. The only thing that will get me into a gasoline engine truck is the banning of diesel fuel. I'm still single, so once I have a wife, 2.5 kids, and dog, I'll simply get a crew cab - no SUVs or vans for me.

    Amazing how people just become glued to a solid black, chrome trimmed dually. My favorite response was a woman walking with her young daughter - the little tyke kept her eye on the truck for half a block while mom pulled her along.
  • buck_bbuck_b Posts: 8
    Gotta agree with you guys, driving a pickup is the way to go. Wish I had my grandpa's black '55 Ford to restore! Yes, they're practical, love the height, gotta agree with the legroom, and yes, they get respect on the road, but hey -- c'mon guys, it's time to wax poetic!

    Why a truck? Well -- why blue jeans? Why cold beer? Why country music? I guess I'd have to say becuase they all make me feel so d----d American! (Sorry, boys, no Toyotas for me.) ... Even when I'm driving in the city, my truck makes me feel like I'm out in the wide open spaces. Grew up in Texas, New Mexico and Utah, and I don't remember a time when I didn't want one.

    Plus ... there is no WAY you want to pull up in front of your favorite country music dance hall in a CAR. If you want to impress the cowgirls, no mere car is gonna cut it! (Yet another practical application, you must admit.)

    Really like the site and enjoy reading everyone's comments. Talk to you later --
  • barrybarry Posts: 1
    I have to agree a truck is the only way to go for most driving however I have found a few cars that are great to drive just for the handling. I live on a farm and use mine for work, off roading, and just getting to town after a big storm.
    Sure wish the city slickers and suits would quit driving trucks and sport utes, as it has pushed up the price for those of us that really need them.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I went to the Auto show in Denver last night and it was interesting to see where the most people were. Number one attraction was the New VW Beetle and number two was anything that looks like a truck or SUV. The new Ford heavy duty F250 -F350 was a big hit, it is huge and nicely done. There was a 4 door crew cab V10 and a 4 door extend cab with tons of people drooling all over them. The new V8 Toyota Landcruiser looks really nice (it should for $55k). Toyota is coming out with a truck to replace the T100 called the T150 (I think it takes some nerve for Toyota to call it an anything 150) why not C (for Copycat) 150. It does have a V8 (big deal). there has to be at least a ten grand surcharge for two more cylinders, nothing suprises me anymore. My prediction is it will be just as 'big' a seller as the T100 was, maybe 25,000 units a year. When was the last time you saw a T100 on the road. Don't get me wrong I leased a Tacoma 4X4 for my business and may replace it with a used T100 4X4 because they are so cheap to buy used. My number one truck would be a new F150 but it is just too darn big for what I need. A T100 is the perfect size truck for my needs. I am going to look at a Dodge Dakota before I buy or lease anything though.
  • veinvein Posts: 1
    I drive a pick-up 'cuz you can drive on terrains better than a soft-[non-permissible content removed] car. It helps me get the job done quicker and it's a hard-working vehicle.
  • gazdeckrgazdeckr Posts: 4
    I drive a truck because here in the land of eternal road construction the potholes never end and a truck handles the rough roads 1,000 times better than any car (or suv for that matter). I can't count the number of cars I see on the road missing hubcabs or with shot rear shocks (look at that baby bounce!!!). I have to admit the ride is rougher, but at least I don't wince everytime I hit a pothole!!

    Also, they are tough as nails and I drive them HARD!!!

    Any questions??
  • jay2jay2 Posts: 1
    Hmmmmm. Let's see... Where to begin?
    Well, I guess that the single biggest reason I drive a truck (if you were to put a gun to my head and demand I give only one reason) is the safety/piece of mind factor. I just bought a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Extend Cab 4X4 shortbed, and I have never felt safer in a car. The Ram replaced a 1983 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, too, so I have driven some big cars in my day. After getting broadsided in a Plymouth Sundance and rear-ended in an old Toyota van, I spent so much time in physical therapy that when I was finally done I wanted a car that would punish anyone that hit me. I found the Caddy cheap, but it soon died. I happened to graduate with my Master's degree and quickly land a great full-time job, so I went out and bought the truck of my dreams -- the new Dodge Ram. I had owned a 1993 Ram years ago, before I started graduate school, and I loved it. It was the stripped, V-6, 2WD version, but it moved real good and was a great light hauler.
    Now, with the new truck and the V-8, I can tow my camper _and_ carry my motorcycle in the bed! It's great!
  • hemiheadhemihead Posts: 8
    They get better gas mileage than suvs! For example I have a 97 S-10 that gets over 25mpg and a 2wd Blazer hardly gets 20! I bought a custom toneau fiberglass gel-coated lid for the bed and can still haul more that a 2 door Blazer and paid about $15,000 less. Hmmm... lets think about that.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Used to drive a 92 Nissan 6 cyl SE King cab. Beautiful sparkling white truck with a moon roof and maroon interior. It was the actual display truck at the South Eastern auto show that year. I drove it because I wanted power, cargo space, alloy wheels, and all the high tech features in an affordable package. At the time, a fully loaded van was a little out of my range. This truck was one of the best vehicles I ever had. When I finally traded it in at 106K, I felt so sad like, I was loosing a good friend; corny I know. It sat on the dealer's lot only a few days before it was sold to an individual that now has all my former service records. Anyway, I felt kind of glad that my truck was adopted into a new home right away.
  • Lane2youLane2you Posts: 4
    Why I want a truck!

    My first vehicle was a stock 1957 Chevy P/U my old man bought me for $500 from a local farmer who had driven the thing for almost twenty-five years. (this was in 1981) Thing was all original, right down to the three on the tree and the floor board starter peddle. Stupid teenager I was I didn't appreciate the thing and drove it into the ground. (forgive me!) My next truck was a new toyota 4x4 which really was a great truck for the time. Small but had a lot of get up and go for such a small engine. Then I got married. Sold my truck, bought a new Jeep which of course became my wifes vehicle. I got stuck driving her old Geo Prism for the time being. Well, finished law school, while at the same time working two jobs, paying for all the bills and still driving the Prism. (I do mean all the bills) Then the wife decides she doesn't want to be married anymore and walks out on me 10 days before the bar exam and, of course, takes the Jeep. So here I am stuck with an old Prism (for the last five years). However, next month I'm buying MYSELF a NEW Dodge 2500 Quad Cab 4x4 w/ Diesel/Automatic and all the extras. It will cost me a little over $30K, but damn it, I have been saving every penny for the last couple of months and after all I have been through I going to treat myself! Take my advice guys (my apoligies to any women in the audience), spend some money on some toys for yourself occassionally. And if it comes down to getting married or buying the truck you always wanted, take the truck!!!
  • I live in mid-town San Diego, and, as is typical of many Californians, regard my truck as a sports coupe with a back porch. I drive a truck because at least once a month, I have to haul something that is too big to fit in the trunk of a Honda Accord. And in the summer, tailgate parties are practically required by law. Since I do not really need to do any heavy-duty hauling, my '93Mazda B2200 does just fine. However I am in the market for a newer truck. Maybe this time I will get air conditioning.
  • The reason I drive a truck is for the versatility.
    I use the thing for everything from hauling wood to stretching out at the drive in movies. I can go just about anywhere that I please thanks to 4wd, or I can just be normal and drive down the street. and as mentioned prior tailgate parties are a must either at the beach or at the cabin.
  • ipd63ipd63 Posts: 1
    I have a pickem up truck to carry my three dogs
    and the necessary home improvement items that
    just cannot be carried in a car. My theory is
    if you own a home you need a truck!
  • toymantoyman Posts: 4
  • toymantoyman Posts: 4
    Actually, my first car was a truck. then I traded it for a sports car. I missed my truck, so I traded the car in for a 4x4. Then I traded that for a newer sports car!

    Since that time, I bought a house and an old toyota with 77K miles on it. That was eight years ago and I still have it. I'm looking to trade vehicles again, but this time for a new truck!
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