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should i change axle?

toyota24toyota24 Member Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Toyota
HI folks:

The CVboot on the passenger side of my
car is torn and leaking. If I drive like
this the axle might get damaged

I could get the CVboot fixed
but, the mechanic asked me to change the axle.
His reason, once CV boot is fixed, it might
make some noises at CV joints. Further CVboot
repair comes with no guarantees.

Right now it makes absolutely NO noises. I am
wondering if I should wait until I hear the first
sign of noise and then change the entire axle?
Whats the point in changing the axle now?
Is there anything(other than axle) I will be
damaging if I drive with a torn CV boot?

Any suggestions?
This is for a camry95, with anti-lock
braking system. It has about 62k miles on it,
never changed any boots/axles



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    hengheng Member Posts: 411
    62K miles is a little premature for the CV joints to go bad. So don't change them until they make the dreaded noises. Sometimes you can feel them click and clack.

    Changing the axles are big bucks.
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