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JBL system on LTD 4 WDrive Highlander

llokenlloken Posts: 2
edited August 2014 in Toyota
I want to replace the Toyota radio that works with a JBL system. Will a 3rd party radio such as Kenwood work with the JBL amp?



  • I replaced my JBL in an '06 with a Pioneer AVH-P3200BT got cheap on the 'bay auction site with the XM box. Best thing I ever did. Taking the radio cluster apart is simple, I never did it before and found many sites on the web with instructions. The opening is wider than a 2DIN, but ears are available from Crutchfield and Metraonline that make the width look like a perfect factory install. [Also got the prefab wiring harness from Crutchfield.] Comes with install instructions. There was a slight gap of a couple mm at the top & bottom. My wife didn't notice it but I did. I just pressed in a length of black wire and it looks great. I added the XM adapter. It slides right under the rear of the center console and tucked the cable under the console and up into the radio. If you search for highlander sirius installation instructions: Simply, antenna on rear roof, wire under gasket and over to right tail light assy. 4 nuts let you remove/ loosen it enough to feed cable into the car then up the passenger side to under carpet at rear seat to XM box under rear of center console.

    There are many you tube videos on installing, search for highlander radio installation.

    I couldnt be happier with the Pioneer; bluetooth works great with the mike velcro'd above the instrument cluster to the bottom of the sun shade. Aside from the BT, love the SD card slot, external audio jack and USB port.

    Didnt want the Nav adapter for reasons I posted in the MODIFICAtions THREAD ON THIS FORUM 10/23/10.

    The Crutchfield harness came with plugs for the PREAMP OUTPUTS which the radio must have to feed the JBL amp. Go for high voltage ones; they come from 1 - 4 volts various manufacturers. 2 or greater should do; the Pioneers have 4 volts. Makes install much easier.

    I did NOT get the harness to use the pathetic steering wheel radio controls. I always hit them by mistake and am happy to have them dead. The adapter for that seemed very troublesome after reading user reviews. It must be programmed, and the variety of controls on the wheel just arent worth it.

    To watch videos on the radio, it has to be wired into the parking brake circuit. Another complication which i avoided by purchasing a "brake bypass" for the Pioneer on the 'bay auction site for $12. Works great but I honestly dont play videos. Its more a show off thing.
  • llokenlloken Posts: 2
    Thanks to your excellent reply to my query my faith in mankind has been restored. Excellent details. You helped me mucho. Thanks

  • One other thing, didn't get the back up rear view camera for the radio. Those suckers are expensive at about $250. Plus they have to be wired into a back up circuit. I think -emphasis on think- the voltage from the back up tail light does the trick. You may want to get it and pull the wires at the same time as the XM or Sirius if you elect to do that.

    I did one part of the project each day. Didn't feel rushed and made it more "fun".
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