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Interior lights not working properly

My interior lights will not function when operated manually (push button). However, if the doors are opened and/or if operated from the wheel the interior lights work fine. Any idea where the problem could be?


  • I am having the exact same problem. I haven't found an answer anywhere. Have you been able to find a solution?
  • After some exhaustive research I may have found a solution. Has your vehicles PCM been replaced under the recall.? Mine has a label under the hood that states the PCM was replaced. My understanding is if the PCM was replaced the BCM needs reflashed to match the PCM. I'm trying to find out if the dealership did the BCM. I suspect no. Can you give any info on wether your PCM was replaced and if they reflashed your BCM when it was done?
  • Had the local dealer check out the BCM and that was not the problem or the solution. But I did run across this">link title
  • my pastors dash lights stay on even when he takes his keys out. he has a chevy extended cab. don't know the year. can anyone tell me whats wrong?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Most likely the ignition switch is wearing out.
  • Maybe someone is having the same problem. Some of the lights on our console for AC, defrost, don't work any longer (so you can't see what's turned on). Shortly after they stopped working the display on the radio tuner stopped working. It's been that way for about 4 months now. Except for one day where the radio lights came back on for about 5 minutes and then went out. Any suggestions??? The dealer said upwards of $500 to diagnose and could be $1800- $2000 to repair.
  • helpme96helpme96 Posts: 1
    My daughter has a 04 pacifica an the interior lights an reverse lights don't work have checked all the bulbs an can't find the problem
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