Honda Odyssey 2011 "check fuel cap"

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I have had my Honda Odyssey for three weeks, and have had it to the dealer three times now for a "check fuel cap" warning coming on. I make sure I tighten it. When we drove it home the first time (with only 12 miles on it) the warning came on. Anyone have the same issue? The dealer "fixed" it twice, now they are keeping it for a few days to thoroughly check it out. I am very frustrated! Also, the passenger sliding door (not power) is extremely hard to open sometimes, especially when it is cold.


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    Mine is 2 months old and did the same thing a few mornings ago after we had our coldest night of the winter so far (29 F). The van is parked outside.
    Opening and closing it didn't help, but it was cleared the next time I drove the car in early afternoon.
    I assumed the problem was related to the cold. Maybe when the gas in the tank gets down to a certain temperature, it messes with the vacuum sensor or whatever is used to determine that the gas cap is not closed properly.
    Have you noticed a correlation with temperature?
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    My daughters Van had the same issue. I used W-D 40 and sprayed all over in where the fuel door attaches and it took a day or so but the light went out and we have had no problems since. Her passenger slide doors would not shut tight and rolled very roughly shut. I did the same thing with the W-D 40 and after a couple days the doors would shut tight.
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    Hi, I have a 2011 Honda Odyssey Elite model and the exact same thing happened to me. When I was driving it home, the message came on. They turned the message of 2 times and now its in the shop for several days. I was wondering if you could tell me how you resolved your issue?? Thanks.
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    They kept my van for four days, and basically replaced a bunch of stuff whether it needed it or not. They replaced an evap control canister, a purge joint, and a purge control soleniod valve. I wonder how much that all cost?? The warranty took care of it, of course. The light has not been on since, thankfully!
  • gringoloco1gringoloco1 Member Posts: 1
    Yes the dreaded 'check fuel cap' light. After the third time of bringing it into the dealer, they figured out that the carbon canister was defective/dirty. It was replaced and the light has not come on since. Hoping to never see that message again!
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    Thank you to those who have posted their experience with their 2011 Odyssey on this tread. I wish I had read these before we bought ours two weeks ago. We bought a 2011 Odyssey EXL and on the way bringing it home from the dealer the “Check Fuel Cap,” light started flashing. At the time, the van had less than 20 miles on it!!

    The salesman convinced us that it will go away after 2 – 3 days, based on what is in the Owner’s Manual. But, it didn’t. The van has been at the dealer for the past three days, and after three days of testing and many test drives, they tell us that the vac canister is defective and needs to be changed. Sounds like the same experience as some of you have had. The dealer has ordered the needed part, to replace it next week. I am hoping that this will solve the problem.

    The frustrating part is that the Honda Tech Support Line that my dealer has been in contact with did not tell them the source of the problem until they tried out ½ dozen of other things on the car. Each time to no avail. Finally, they told the dealer that the problem can be with the canister.

    I was told earlier today by our dealer that Honda will soon be issuing a Service Bulletin on this to alert everyone that this is an epidemic problem in 2011 Odysseys. I hope this will help others who are in the same predicament as we.

    I have never, ever bought a brand new car that I have had to take back to the dealer immediately after taking delivery of it. It takes all the joy out of buying a new car. If this persists, it will certainly be the last Honda that we will buy, even though we have been divining Hondas for the past 25 years!

    We also had a problem with the driver side sliding door not latching BEFORE driving the van off of the dealer lot. But, that problem went away after the first day, and I hope that it will not resurface.

    If you're planning on buying a new Odyssey wait until next model year, so that hopefully Honda works out some of these bugs. Otherwise, brace yourself for making frequent trips to your dealer!
  • cagaineycagainey Member Posts: 4
    I had a similar experience, but unfortunately, I am still in the midst of this issue. I bought a 2011 odyssey elite (from herb chambers of burlington mass) and as I was driving home, the check fuel cap light came on. My car has been in the shop 1 week and they replaced all the items mentioned above. They expect that my car will remain in the service department because HONDA is sending out a technician from the factory to try and fix this problem. Clearly this is an issue for these models, but they seem to say they have never heard of this issue before. Not likely.

    Anyways, this is my 3rd honda minivan and the last one I owned had the dreaded PAX tires. I have just about lost my brand loyalty at this point. At this point, I am thinking this car is a LEMON. They told me at the dealership that as it stands, my car would not pass a state inspection and I would not be able to resell this car in the current condition.

    I want my money back!!
  • scout2010scout2010 Member Posts: 1
    We are going thru the exact same thing. Drove off the lot with the new car and the "check fuel cap" light came on. Called the salesman and he said to take it off and retighten it. Did that and nothing happened. Took in for service and they didn't find anything. Took it in again and they kept it to get some parts. They did give us a rental for free while they waited for parts. They got the parts in and fixed the problem. Same problem as identified above. They asked us to come back on Monday to get the paper work. That was kinda weird but after one day it seems to be ok.

    Will watch this thread to see if there if there is something bigger going on here.

    Only one other complaint about the new 2011 Odyssey. The plastic on the two front doors that is right behind the windows is really sharp. If you put your hand on the plastic when opening or closing the door you can feel how sharp it is. Kind of tricky to explain. Its the black plastic part to the back of the window when the door is open. Seems like a little sandpaper might fix it i just hate the idea that i have to do anything like this to a brand new car.

  • cagaineycagainey Member Posts: 4
    FIXED!! Finally the good folks at the herb chambers honda in burlington mass stuck with me and fixed my car. I applaud their service and determination. I was not happy about the situation, but they finally found the problem. The charcoal canister was contaminated both times they replaced it. The third canister seemed to do the trick and was not contaminated.

    Glad its all settled. Otherwise, I love the 2011 Odyssey.
  • sjampulasjampula Member Posts: 3
    I bought 2011 Odyssey a month back and today Check fuel cap warning came on. I opened and closed it again, but warning still there. By looking at postings related to "Check fuel cap", it looks like I would be making trips to dealership. I already been twice to dealership for vibrations in driver seat and now again...:(
  • pdxpaulpdxpaul Member Posts: 1
    I have an 2005 Odyssey and this same thing started happening a week ago. Does anyone know of this issue happening in vans older than 2011?
  • cagaineycagainey Member Posts: 4

    My issue finally resolved after 2 weeks of having to a rental and 4 times to the dealership. They replaced the charcoal canister 3 times. The first two were corroded (or something like that) and they replaced everything else they thought it might be. it took a 3rd charcoal canister. My guess is whoever is their supplier is sending crap canisters. Ask your dealership to call the honda tech line. In my case, Honda sent out a technician to my dealership b/c they were on the verge of having to replace my car. Same thing 1 month old.

    I hope this helps. I understand your frustration completely.
  • abbyfabbyf Member Posts: 1
    Just bought the 2011 Odyssey EX-L not 2 minutes off the lot this happened. Waited 5 hours and was told 3 times it was fixed only to have me bring it back each time 2minutes later to inform them that this brand new car was NOT fixed. I had driven out of state 4 hours to buy the car and it ended up with me driving 4 hours home in a used civic loaner car because they could not fix the problem. This is the crappiest car buying experience I have EVER had. I had to tell their mechanic about the carbon cannister. Why am I informing HIM about this. They refused to believe me until I forced them to look at my phone with all the other forum complaints. No new car for at least a week.
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,805
    OT question - why did you drive 4 hours for an EX-L??
  • phillydanphillydan Member Posts: 1
    My 2005 model also just started showing the warning about the gas cap. Also, the van lurches forward sometime while braking. I did some searching online, and it seems the issues may be related.

    Anyone familiar with this issue and how I might resolve it, hopefully without having service done by the dealership?

  • ted99ted99 Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2012 Honda Odyssey (Oct.31, 2011). During the test drive the Check Fuel Cap indicator came on. The dealer service department "fixed it" and as I was taking it home the indicator light came back on again. It would periodically go out but would come back on after driving about 5 miles.
    I found this thread and emailed a link to the sales person and her manager. They arranged for me to bring the vehicle back in and gave me a loaner. She said that the service manager found service bulletins for the 2011. They kept my car a week, and said that they replaced the vacuum canister (as described in this thread.) So far the indicator light has not come back on. If this continues, I will be very pleased that both the sales and survive people listened and acted to resolve the problem.
  • tayktayk Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 2012 Honda Odyssey (Nov.29, 2011). During the drive home the Check Fuel Cap indicator came on. Dealer said I needed to drive it a few days for the system reset. Dec.7thThe dealer service department "fixed it" was told the problem was gas cap, and as I was taking it home the indicator light came back on again. I was then told it sometimes takes driving 50 miles at highway speed to reset the light.??? Back to dealer Dec.7th got rental car. Dec 10th. Picked car up after they replaced Pur control solinod valve and a purge joint to fix error code 21222. This time I made it about 5 miles , came on again..... Set to take it back Dec. 12th. Will cross my fingers.
  • 2012touringma2012touringma Member Posts: 1
    2012 odyssey touring, the light was on during test drive was told no issue and the light was 'turn off' when pick up the van, The light came back on the next day and would not go away. The dealer reset it again, drove half a mile from the dealership, the light came back and turn back of drop off the car. The tech did the following: changed fuel cap, changed canister, and did more tests recommend from the honda tech line, light still turns on, they finally replace the computer (pcm) and it solves the problem for good. The dealer I went to did a good job fixing the problem but this should not happened in the first place if the manufacture had better quality control. This problem is there in day one.
  • rufussmithrufussmith Member Posts: 1
    An easy solution is to continue to drive the car over 12 trips or so and the false message will disappear by itself. I have a 2006 Odyssey that does this occasionally and investigated it quite a bit. The car's computer will cancel the message automatically after enough trips are made. Any other solution is cumbersome and not worth it. good luck
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