Chrome wheel maintenance

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My 2000 Camaro Z28 came with factory chromed aluminum wheels. I've never had a car with chrome wheels before. What needs to be done to keep the chrome finish in good shape ?

Polish ? Wax ?

Also, any recommendations as to particular brands of wheel care products to use or to avoid ?



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    Good question. I'd be happy to add my two cents and am sure others will as well.

    Chrome usually needs more attention since it is susceptible to rust/tarnish and wheels in particular needs frequent cleaning and protection as they pick up a lot of dirt and road grime.

    Wheels don't need anything special as long as they are cleaned regularly. Most folks use the same wax/polish products they use on the paint. If the chrome needs polishing to bring out the shine, there are some fantastic products on the market:

    Happich Simichrome has been around a million years and been used on show cars worldwide. Other products that work very well are Wenol and P21S Multi-Finish restorer. I've used the P21S for the last few years with terrific results. The cheap store-bought chrome polishes like Turtle Wax or whatever are OK but the specialist stuff is the way to go.

    But probably the best thing for your wheels is plain old soap and water, elbow grease, AZ on the wheels cleaners, and finish with whatever cleaner wax product you use on your car. Happy polishing.
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