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I had squealing under my hood all summer that would go away after driving on the freeway for several minutes.
The squealing has gotten louder. So I sprayed some belt conditioner on the serp. belt and it seemed to sound alot better. Till the engine got cold and I restarted it. The squeal was louder than ever. Looking under the hood while the engine was running I noticed that the pully to my air conditioner wasn't turning.
Why would this happen? Any ideas on what the remedy would cost to fix?


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    Are you sure the pulley wasn't turning? The pulley should always rotate, sort of free wheel, about the shaft of the AC compressor. There should be very little friction in this mode. Then, when the AC kicks in, a clutch locks the pulley to the shaft of the compressor, which then spins the compressor.

    If the pulley really wasn't turning, either the belt is very loose, or the pulley or AC shaft is frozen. Either condition could cause the belt squeal you were hearing.
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    It has been pretty cold. Maybe the a/c shaft is frozen. I didn't know that could happen. I've never heard of that condition. Is it common?
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